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The it-bag for summer 2017 was without a doubt the rattan Bali circle bag. These Balinese classics are easy to wear with just about anything and transform any look into an effortless easy breezy summer style.

Handmade by Balinese artisans, rattan Bali bags are a piece of art by themselves. It has been my mission to find the most exclusive pieces available. 

I am starting TC's Boutique with six exquisite pieces. If the bags are in high demand, more styles will follow. Make sure you are ready for spring and summer days and grab your favorite Bali bag by making your pre-order now. Your bag will be ready to ship to you starting in June 2018

You can pre-order your favorite Bali bag through email by clicking on the image of your favorite bag. This will take you to the email form. Make sure to mention the name of the bag of your choosing and we will contact you when they are available this Spring.


Rattan White Wash $69
Rattan Piece Of Art $69

Rattan Rose Garden $69
Classic Rattan Bali $59
Rattan Burgundy Kiss $69
Rattan Chess Bali $49