Nude tones and blue accents

May 14, 2012


Hi guys and girls
It was such a beautifull day in Amsterdam today,sunny and very nice temperatures

Here are some pictures we shot in downtown Amsterdam,near the canals and the canalboats,
The last time I went on a canalboat,I was a kid and I am thinking about going for a little boattrip again pretty  soon!
It just seems like so much fun again,I would be able to take some great shots of Amsterdam

Okay about todays outfit,…I think the color Nude and browns are stunning with mintgreen and blue!
I have been so in love with blue latey and I have to say I have always been a pink person lol.

How about you guys,would you wear the color nude?
what color would you pair it with?
I am just curious and I would love to hear your thoughts on it:)

have a wonderfull day

Love Tamara Chloé

Pants: Glamorous
Heels:Zara new collection
Blouse:Moon Boutique Albert Cuyp Market Amsterdam
Bangles and ring and earings: Primark
Denim jacket: boutique (I forgot the name) on Melrose avenue in Los Angeles


"Most People think I'm in
my 30's, but I'm actually 51
years young".

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