Floral Fantasy

June 12, 2012


Heels:Zara,Floral dress Lady Store Amsterdam,jewellery Bijenkorf and H&M,Gold Belt:H&M

Hey Everyone:)

On this sunny day in Amsterdam,I though something floral would be great!
I bought this dress last summer and only wore it once to a party but this dress is also so great for daytime I think and floral prints are such a trend this summer,so I thought let me get this baby out the closet and wear it again.
I love this blue satchel bag because it kinda gives the look a more casual daytime feel too!
while we were shooting two little girls walked by and asked if I was a model?
Aaaawh hihi so cute!!
I said: well maybe a little lol
The little girls said the dress was so pretty
Then a little while later a little 4 year old girl said to her mother…owh wow such pretty shoes mommy!
I was so happy with these pure and sweet compliments from little girls,it made me smile lol
Maybe floral is a little ferrytallike,like a garden in front of a ancient castle!
Like a fantasy!

YES my floral fantasy

Any thought on floral prints?
talk to you guys and dolls soon

Much love Tamara Chloé xo

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