Pink Peplum Dream

June 20, 2012




    Dress Zara, Heels:Zara, Flower headband: Bijou Brigitte Kalverstaat Amsterdam, Handgem Mizzieezz, Sunglasses:Primark, Clutch Albert Cuyp market
Hey Everyone!
Okay I have been peplum obsessed lately!
I fell in love with this pink peplum dress the minute I laid my eyes on it
I didn’t buy it that minute  and waited for a few weeks,but I couldn’t get this dress out of my mind!
I ate,slept and dreamt this dress!
This was the Marilyn Monroe dress I have always wanted eversince I was a young girl lol droooooool
Once I FINALLY bought, it was waiting in my closet for a month waiting for the perfect occasion.
I thought it would be a statement to pair the sweet soft pink colour with bold red and silver accessories!
My instinct said pair it with all white and pink ,but I kinda wanted to push this looks possibilities a bit,
so here it is!
To give this look an even more glam feel, I added a headband with a delicate flower and pretty stones on it!
I would like to thank the staff of the Jan Luyken Hotel,who let us use their gorgeous entrance to shoot this look!
Especially Mr Robert Fernandez,who kindly asked us to come in for hot chocolate and cookies!
It was so wonderful!
Inside this cute hotel,it was so pretty and classy, yet it felt like a home.
If any of you guys want to stay in a wonderful hotel in central Amsterdam right behind the PC hoofstraat,the famous shopping street with the best stores like Chanel,Gucci Louis Vutton,ect ect,this is the place the be!
A cute little garden,classy furniture, chandeliers en the best hot chocolate!
Thanks Robert for a wonderfull hot drink after being so tired of standing around in heels and posing for what seemed like hours,because it was kinda chilly outside lol
siiigh typical Dutch spring weather!
Okay about the peplum dress
What about you?
Are you into the hot trend the peplum or will you pass this trend this summer?
Any ideas on how you would wear a peplum dress?
Talk to you guys and girls soon!
xoxo Tamara Chloé




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