Ankle Cuffs and a Fringe skirt

July 26, 2012





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Hey everyone

I have been obsessed with gold cuffs,in any form for the last couple of months,…..necklaces and braceletts name it I love them and I wear them a lot!
last week I ran into these gold ankle cuffs at H&M and I was soooooo superexcited becuase I had been looking for them for months but couldn’t find them!
They ran out at I had allready given up on ever finding them here in Amsterdam again

But here they are…you can wear them with any heel or sandal.
Intstantly transforming it in a glam and chic look

I found this cute little fringe skirty,acutally they are shorts a few months ago.and I didn’t buy them at first,then when I came back for them on another day to find them being sold out uuuugh bummer
But then a few weeks ago,they were up on the rack again…aaah I was so happy

Today it was a extremly hot day in the Netherlands…so it was perfect to wear anything short and cute….afterwards I took my heels off and I slipped into my sandals and we went out for a mexican dinner..yummy just so perfect on a hot summer day.
It made me feel like I was on vacation

Have a wonderfull day and talk to you guys and girls soon!

PS any gold or silver or any colour cuff obsessed folks out there hihi

much love Tamara Chloé ~

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