Neon Fall and GUEST POST at Shana-Style

September 18, 2012

Such an exciting new thing! I did a guest post for the amazing blogger behind the blog Shana-Style. This hot young mamma knows how to create style, colorcombos,and photographs gorgeous outfits,she is one of my fave stylebloggers out there. Check her blog for my guestpost!


Skirt and belt H&M,Blouse and Clutch and gold studded bracelet: Primark,Heels Always, black lace suede bracelet Mizzieezz gems


I think Fall has the most amazing colors,dark rusty oranges,dark and army greens,royal blues,eggplant and burgundy
I couldn’t resist to add a little neon to these colors
there has to be a way,we can still wear a bit of bright neon during fall
I think when mixed properly it can be a daring combination
lets say you can mix a neon yellow knitted sweater with an army green jacket  and some brown boots and bag
voila an great fall outfit,with still a spark of  HOT neon summer trend 2012 lol
I paired this outfit with a burgundy lipgloss and nails,to get that fall feeling and kinda tone down the orange neon high low skirt
only three days left you guys and summer is officially over:)))
but before I leave you gals and boys to it
Check out the amazing SHANA-STYLE BLOG 
I did a guest post on her blog
Shana,is a very classy young woman,with an amazing feminine,classy and trendy, fun and flirty style
she is one of sweetest bloggers I know,
and on top of that she is beautifull too!

so go ahead and check out her amazing blog!
For all the sweet fashionfriends who allready came through Shana’s blog to check out my blog,thanks all so much,It really means a lot!
I will visit all you sweet girls blogs and follow back,but it is seven o”clock in the morning and I haven’t slept yet!:)))
so speak to you all tommorow nighyt night and goodmorning lololol

Take care lovelies much love Tamara Chloé



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