Sunflower Jewellery for the Van Gogh museum

October 15, 2012
Hey everyone!
I know I know,….It has been waaaaay too long since my last blogpost!
I have just been so busy with work and play,I had no time to post anything lol
but I am BACK you guys and I have quite a few cool posts coming up!
Check out the Van gogh inspired sunflower handmade jewellery  by which was especially created  for the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
If any of you are interested in art,you might know Van Gogh is a famous Dutch painter.
The photos we took while I modelled for the jewellery were totally inspired by Van Goghs paintings
I hope you guys like them!!


Leggings and peplum top H&M,Jewellery,Clutch: Vintage,Headpiece:Bijou Brigitte,.Heels::La Strada


Enjoy your week lovelies
Talk to you all again soon!


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