Indigo baroque coat in the snow

January 15, 2013
Hey Lovelies!
It’s snowing and I LOVE IT!!!







Coat and hat: Supertrash.Jeans:Zara,knitted sweater and Gloves:H&M,Clutch Primark
I love the color burgundy as you can see in these pictures I took earlier today.
But this winter the color has been soooo overdone in the stores and out on the street lol
So I am trying to find ways to pair it with colors to make it looks fresh and new!
I found this striped sweater a few weeks ago on sale an H&M and instantly fell in love with the blue and lilac colors.
I think it looks lovely and fresh with the color burgundy and this blue coat I got at Supertrash last winter!
I am in love with this coat!
I wear it a lot,because you can wear it with anything and basically any color.
The blue color is like a blue jeans so versatile.
I love the Baroque feel this coat represents, still it is trendy and classy!
I get a lot of compliments on this coat!
A lot of people complain when it snows
but I absolutely love it!
The warm feeling I get when I wake up and the whole world turned white ooh lala.
It makes me feel like I landed in a magical ferrytale,and who doesn’t love a ferrytale?
Oh well I was born in the winter does my love for snow maybe explains it?!
 My B-day is in 4 days so what can I say lol
Have a fab day all!!
Love Tamara Chloé

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