Red Hot Winter

January 25, 2013







Blazer old:Zara,Skirt and Clutch:Primark,booties:Sasha Not For Basics,belt H&M,sweater: Mango,Scarf Albert Cuyp Amsterdam,Jewellery :Lucardi
Hi all!
It is still FREEZING out here!
I am not the type to complain about the weather because I believe there are far worse things in the world then extreme tempatures,but wow it is cold!!
I am completly ignoring snowboots,uggs and all black boring mountain hiking look-a like outfits
Me being a color lover hás to bring in at least some color in every outfit I wear!
When I do go all black,I like to brighten things up with sparkly jewellery and different textures
Lets say I will add fur,lace and sequins ect ect.
Okay back to this outfit!
This red blazer is super old!!
I bought it at Zara many years ago and loved it because there was this black padded belt attached to it.
I lost the belt a few years ago and stopped wearing it.
 Last week I added this studded belt to the blazer and I am back in love again
Don’t you get that sometimes?
An old item becomes one of your favorites again?
I love this emererald green woolen scarf that is superwarm and according to colorexperts Pantone  thé color for 2013
I always like to add a third or even fourth color to the basic colorpalet I am using in a outfit.
It adds an interesting twist don’t you think?
Well if you know my blog a little you must have noticed I am a colorfanatic!
Something so cool!
 How cute are the two girls who asked for my autograph lol!!
My first autograph signing as a fashionblogger!…
I felt so shy and humbled.
They were so well dressed too.
Love them!
Talk to you all again soon and tommorow I am going to a show for the Amsterdam Fashion Week!
Much love and have a fabulous weeekend xo Tamara Chloé

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