Sequined biker jacket and Silver metallic

January 10, 2013









Sequined biker jacket:Julie at shop here.shirt:H&M,Heels Sasha not for basics,Jewellery:Lucardi,Silver metallic jeans:Miss RJ but I like this one too:click,or this one:click
I am completely in love with this purple/lilac blue-ish colored sequined bikerjacket
I want to thank the sweet girls and especially Nicky at for sending me this jacket
I was so excited when I opened their package I received in the mail
I have been a fan of their cool online store for a while now,because their items are so trendy and fun!
So if you are in a shopping mood or NEED to get this jacket like I did,check out their webstore for cute stuff
Anyone in the mood for jewellery?
There is a mad sale at Lucardi (for the ladies living in The Netherlands)
I grabbed all the silver jewellery I am wearing for prices you won’t believe!!
I can’t help it but I am in love with the metallic trend coming up
especially the silver metalic
I am usally a gold fan,but I am kinda hooked on silver too now lol
Especially wearing it with white, lilac, blues and black,… it is stunning!
 Basicaly you can mix metallic with any color of course!
I just love this clean and fresh colormix…definitely great for spring!
Just wondering would you guys rock the metallic trend or is it something you will pass? 
It is almost weekend,so enjoy it and have fun my lovelies:)))
talk to you all very soon again
much love Tamara Chloé

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