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March 15, 2013








Jacket:Softy outerwear,Skirt Lelywood,Tshirt:Sleeping Angel,Bag:Ladystore Amsterdam,bracelet spiked  and ring Ladyland Amsterdam,heels Always,Rhinestone bracelets,rings and silver bangles Lucardi,Baseball NY
I love the fact that baseball caps are back in style.
For years they have been a huge no no over here!
I couldn’t stand it,I missed my caps lol
 I love wearing one,when I am having a bad hairday or I just want to transform a dressy look into something more casual!
Although LA has always been my second home,I still have a huge love for New York!
One of the most amazing,radiant,fashionfilled cities in the world,I have always been in love with anything originating from this vibrant city.
Even when I lived in LA,I secretly wished I could live in New York too!
So Yankees it is for today lol..
If you live in the Netherlands you can get the coolest hats and baseball caps at
How do you like this cute bag with all the colorfull stripes?
I fell in love with it the minute I saw it and I just had to get it or I would stomp the floor and cry like a spoiled baby lol
What can I say the innerchild in me needs it because stripes are hot and I am a colorfanatic!
I am so lucky I live in central Amsterdam in a very busy shopping area,
 Besides my favorite brands I like to shop at local stores,knowing these items will be more exclusive and not something everyone is wearing!
It might not be easy for you to find these items online, but I still hope I can inspire you with my colormixing, stylechoices and outfit ideas.
I wish you all a fabulous weekend!
Much love Tamara Chloé.
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