Spring floral with a touch of lavender

March 6, 2013
Hi all!
Spring weather has finally arrived int this country,meaning the weather was absolutely beautifull today.
Today I could see the first springflowers blooming,
so I felt like celebrating it with a fresh spring floral look!









Blazer and white top Zara,peplum skirt ,spiked bracelet, ring with stones and bag Ladyland,white bracelet and snakering Lucardi,necklace H&M,booties: Blink
How wonderfull it is: those first warm days in spring!!!
Here in Amsterdam everybody wakes up from a deep wintersleep when the sun is warming up!
We are all sitting outside the cafes and local restaurants drinking coffee and eating our lunches
Childeren play in the parks and you can feel this great buzz.
It is almost spring!
Finally the weather allows us to get rid of out winter coats,thick boots,scarfs and furry hats.
No more snow and freezing temps this year.
Like all of us I am sooo ready for summer wear.
I have been in love with the color lavender lately
How fresh does it look paired with this apple green blazer and some floral print?
I always like to mix classic and ultra feminine wear with something edgy.
That”s why I added the studded booties and the spiked bracelet for a trendy modern twist
I kept the jewellery simple because I really wanted to highlight the floral skirt and the sparkly lilac and pink rhinestone necklace from H&M.
Today I had so much fun shooting these pictures
With no photographers availalbe
The ones I usually work with are out of town bummer!
 My dad and son Lyon decided to take some pictures for this outfit
I was so surprised how well they did!
Lyon knew excactly what the right angles were,what looked good and what not!
He was the one instructing my dad what to do while shooting.
Believe me everything he said was just on point lol,
I was cracking up the whole shoot
So how about you,do you have your spring outfits ready?
What’s your favorite color for spring?
Have a fabulous day and I will talk to you all again soon!
xoxo much love Tamara Chloé

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