Color me orange for Queensday

May 7, 2013


Hi everyone

Last week, The Netherlands turned orange as we celebrated the queens birthday and welcomed a new king and queen!

  Queen Beatrix had reigned over this country for 33 years. This year she turned in her crown and handed it over to her son prince Willem Alexander. huge televised event! I love anything I was just too excited lol I mean I was glued to the TV when Prince William and his Kate got married, but this was even better because it was held in my city Amsterdam just ten minutes away from my home I had to go into town and snaps some pictures of course.

Besides the inauguration of the new king on queens day the country turns into a huge festival and flea market with music, foods parties and shopping. It is one of the biggest  national celebrations in this country.  Of course I had to join in on the fun by wearing not one but two orange colored outfits. Hey the new Queen Maxima changed her outfits three times that day. So me being the fashionista ..I had to follow her lead don’t you think?  I love tiaras and a lot of people wear crownlike headpieces on Queensday. I went for a pretty tiara with a huge pink stone enough for me to keep me in a royal mood 

and party the night and day away.


The famous royal palace balcony where Queen Beatrix introduces her son the new king!
Newly queen Argentinian born Maxima was wearing a gorgeous champagne colored dress with a statement bow on her shoulder. The story behind the dress tells Queen Beatrix (now princess Beatrix again) gave her the stunning fabric and Maxima had this classy short dress tailor made by Belgium fashion house Natan. The dress was designed by Edouard Vermeulen, who has dressed the new queen on several occasions.
The three little princesses were wearing   soft pastel yellow colored tulip dresses by Spanish brand Pili Carerra.There has been a serious run on these yellow dresses as you can order them online. The cool thing is,you can shop these little dresses right here, so if you have a daughter and want to dress her like a real princess then here you go!
The former Queen Beatrix looked stunning in a soft purple gown with beautiful detailing. The former Queen almost always wears a sparkly brooch pretty high up almost near her shoulder as you can clearly see in the picture!
The new king and queen strut down the blue carpet back to the royal palace as they just left the church after the royal ceremony.
The stunning royal blue gown Queen Maxima was wearing has been the talk of this country and beyond. The color and shape are just pure perfection not to mention the beautiful lace bodice with a classy small belt. The cape almost looks like a long blazer which gives this gown a modern touch. The gown  has been designed by Dutch designer: Jan Taminiau.
The tiara Maxima is wearing once belonged to king Willem Alexanders great, great grandmother Queen Emma.  Notice how the blue stones perfectly match her royal blue gown!
After the crowning the royal couple went for a boat trip on the Amsterdam IJ-canal.
Queen Maxima was wearing a second gown by Dutch designer: Jan Taminiau. A beautiful burgundy lace dress,with a matching cape to keep her warm. The boat trip was in the early evening and it was getting a bit chilly at this time.
Former Queen Beatrix was also wearing a beautiful royal blue gown with such a lovely print.
In the picture below on the right you can see Maxima and Willem Alexander the night before the crowning, just before attending a lavish dinner with royals from all over the world at the Amsterdam Rijksmusuem. The Rijksmuseum just reopened a few weeks ago after a 10 year renovation. Can you imagine having dinner right in front of the famous painting The Nightwatch by Rembrand Van Rijn?
Maxima was wearing a ruffled red topless gown.
Maxima has actually worn this red hot number before when she visited Prince Charles for his 60th birthday. Queen Maxima wants to make a statement in these times of crisis, showing it is perfectly okay even for royals to wear a dress twice. Gotta love her for that!
Maxima kept everything red, even her clutch. Her jewelry and blond hair really stood out. I think she looks amazing in red.  I am going to have to say that the red dress is one of my favorites. What can I say I am a sucker for anything red.



 LOL this doggie! Notice the little crown. Aaaaah sooo cute!
Every year we celebrate Queens day with flea markets all over the country.
Everybody is allowed to sell their goods on the streets.
 I have found the most amazing stuff on queensdays including amazing vintage finds and antiques.
I have no pictures with me eating these cakes, because I devoured a few in less then a minute while walking on the street. Yes I was that hungry!



I was wearing:
First outfit: Limited edition Queen Maxima dress by Supertrash // Heels Zara,Clutch and tiara: Accessorize // Leather jacket:Drole de copine // Ring(old):River Island

Outfit nr 2: Pleated skirt Tony Cohen // Faux leather jacket:Seventh Avenue // Sandals Zara // Jewellery Boutique Awear Albert Cuyp Amsterdam

I chose outfits that included the colors of the dutch flag:red white and blue and added orange for that ultimate Dutch  festival feel.

I wanted to keep the color orange clean and classy that’s why I only wore one orange piece in every outfit
I wanted to keep it simple and definitely didn’t want to overdo it.

I am curious.
Does the country you live in use a particular color for national festivities?

I wish you all a fabulous week.

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