Suspenders On Red

June 27, 2013









Shirt with attached suspenders: Object at LadyLand, Pants: Zara, Heels: Sasha Not For Basics,or here:shop French beret and Necklace:Albert Cuyp Amsterdam, Gold bracelet:LadyLand
The fact that these suspenders are attached to this shirt makes it not only an amazing statement piece,but it is very practical as well!
It is so much easier to take them on and off unlike original suspenders.
The last time I wore suspenders, I was a little girl  and they were holding up my little jeans making sure they weren’t sliding down to my ankles while playing outside lol
I have noticed “boyish” type of clothing are trending this year.
The boyfriend jeans,overalls and now suspenders?
 I am wondering if women want to be more comfortable after years of squeezing themselves in to skinny jeans and tight leggings.
I definitely love it and shows we can be sexy wearing comfortable clothing as long as we keep adding touches of  our own femininity and pair it well with like let’s say a pair of heels, sparkling jewellery, fitted jackets and well tailored handbags.
When it comes to choosing my outfit, I always like to add a statement piece.
There has to be a interesting and “wow” factor to it,although I love simple and clean looks too, I am a sucker for extraordinary clothes.
I spotted this shirt and instantly bought it without even trying it on.
I was that much in love with it.
I can’t wait to rock this shirt with cute shorts or a pretty skirt.
 Can you believe I’ve had these amazing red Zara pants for a year now and never even worn it?
I mean the tags were still on it lol
 I have tons of pieces I haven’t worn yet.
Am I crazy?
If you look closely you can see it has a beautiful baroque print on them
I am so glad I pulled these pants out of my closet and I think I will wear them a lot in upcoming months!
How about you guys?
Do you own pieces stashed away in your closet and never even worn them yet and if so what are they and why?
I am just curious, so I don’t feel like I am the only crazy person here;) 
Wishing you all a fabulous day and I cannot thank all of you enough for all the amazing feedback you give me on my posts!
It is much appreciated
xoxo much love Tamara Chloé 
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