Mellow Yellow At The Beach

July 10, 2013















Dress:Moon Boutique Amsterdam, Sandals Zara SS12, Necklace: Costa Fashion Albert Cuyp Amsterdam
For some reason I love the asymmetrical dress.
I know asymmetric skirts and dresses are so 2012,but for me they are comfortable,classy and elegant for any occasion.
 The beach is definitely one of those perfect occasions and to me the asymmetrical dress has become a timeless piece.
Pair them with some trendy 2013 accessories and they are still good to go I think.
I think we should always wear something we feel comfortable and beautiful in and not always follow the trends.
How ever styling “timeless” pieces and mixing it with trendy items is always something I do to make the look appear modern and fresh.
For a day of relaxation,we love to go to one of our favorite beach clubs:”far Out” at Zandvoort beach.
They serve the best tapas foods, play great music and the lounge seats are so comfortable, making it totally possible to lay out and soak up the sun.
 I love my blue mirrored aviators and I have been wearing them since February while it was still freezing out here.
The thing is: I am spotting way too many people wearing them, so I guess I am looking for new styles of sunnies lol.
Do you get that too?
Whenever too many people start wearing a particular new trend, you lose interest in it, feeling it is not so cool anymore?
I mean a few days ago I saw a whole family wearing a pair of mirrored sunnies,including mom,grand mom and kids.
I was like okay…time to move on with it lol.
Bummer,… I love them so much!
Take care everyone and a new post is coming up soon.
I got some great new things coming up!!
Kisses and much love.
Tamara Chloé
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