Bejeweled And Red Laced Espadrilles

August 6, 2013


Hey everyone
 Can anyone feel more like a goddess then I do in this stunning Jacky Luxury dress?!
The flowy cut with long sleeves and embellished with pink and crystal stones makes this dress a show stopper don’t you think? 
It actually reminds me of old ancient Greek style gowns.
My fairytale loving heart imagines Helen of Troy would wear something like this but in a longer version.
Maybe that explains the goddess term
I have gotten so many compliments from women on the street, making me feel like the belle of the ball.
The only thing was, I was not attending a ball.

But I had a ball shopping with my family while wearing this last Saturday.





Dress: Jacky Luxury -now on sale- here, Bag Babiche: Supertrash -now on sale- here, Espadrilles: Geox here, Earings: Lucardi, Rings: LadyLand Amsterdam
I think anything white is appropriate for summer!
With the blazing hot temperatures we’ve been dealing with, I need anything that will cool me of,so I think it’s great to wear light colors and fabrics!
This dress is all these things.
 The fact that it’s also so gorgeous is definitely the biggest bonus.
How do you like the wegded espadrilles I am wearing?
I have been searching high an low for the perfect pair for months now.
Almost all the ones I spotted were too bulky.
The straps were not right or the wedge  was not arched enough.
Until I found these beauties at the Bijenkorf department store in Amsterdam.
I snagged them before anybody else could and I yelled through the whole shoe department that I wanted these shoes right NOW! 
They were the last pair and in my size!
Can you believe it?
My shoe-A-holic heart was pounding so fast I thought it was about to explode.
These are the moments I live for.
These “I am so lucky” shop moments lol
Just kidding of course,  but almost.
What can I say: I love the fact that I can tie the attached suede  laces around my ankles and the gorgeous coral/red color is the ultimate summer color.
Bright and bold. 
Yes they are wegded, but perfectly arched, sexy, classy  and most important not too bulky!
Plus I can not believe how comfortable they are to walk in.
Hello comfort and goodbye painful toes.
 Adding to my obsessiveness, I am so in love with them, I am planning on buying another pair in the same color  just in case this pair gets dirty or damaged or worse stolen.
Like a greedy maniac I went to the Geox store the next day and got the same ones in black also.
Secretly I am contemplating on getting the yellow pair that is being sold online.
I am still trying to convince myself I don’t ”need ” them, But I know I will fail badly at this knowing myself.
Do you ever get that?
You love a dress, pair of heels or bag so much you buy the same thing twice just in case your treasure falls apart or gets broken lol.
 And what about buying something and then end up getting it in all different colors?
Is it me or am I nuts?
Nuts for these shoes, yes I know lol.
I wish you all a fabulous day and I will talk to you again soon.
xoxo Tamara Chloé
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