Black Turban Chic

August 15, 2013
H&M gladiator sandals,summer outfit,Jacky Luxury dress,Yellow mirrored sunglasses,black turban,trendy


Hey everyone

I feel like my style is constantly shifting.
Last year, all I could wear were peplum skirts and tight dresses.
This summer I am opting for more flowy type clothing.
It has been a warm summer over here and besides just wanting to wear clothes that look great, I have definitively been more drawn to comfort lately.

That’s what this tunic dress is all about.
It is absolutely beautifully detailed with trimmed lace and the color is one of my favorite and I think suits every skin tone.
The most important thing is: It is so comfortable!

For the second time I am wearing a beautiful piece from the MyCa Couture collection.
This fun and classy turban, instantly adds a certain chic and glamour to any outfit.
It is so different from any kind of regular hat and I love trying something new and different, as I am always looking to update my style with new pieces. 

If you feel like discovering -“one of a kind” sparkling accessories, then make sure you check some of Myca Couture’s beautiful jewellery pieces right here


H&M gladiator sandals,Jacky Luxury dress,Black turban,summer outfit,coral dress,Yellow mirrored sunglasses,trendy
H&M gladiator sandals,Jacky Luxury dress,Yellow mirrored sunglasses,trendy,summer outfit,coral dress
H&M gladiator sandals,Jacky Luxury dress,yellow mirrored sunglasses,trendy,summeroutfit,black turban,coral dress
H&M gladiator sandals,Jacky Luxury dress,summer outfit,Yellow mirrored sunglasses,Black turban,trendy


H&M gladiator sandals,Jacky Luxury dress,Yellow mirrored sunglasses,trendy,summeroutfit,coral dress,black turban


H&M gladiator sandals,Jacky Luxury dress,Black turban,Yellow mirrored sunglasses,Trendy,Summer outfit,Coral dress


H&M gladiator sandals,Jacky Luxury dress,Yellow mirrored sunglasses,trendy,summer outfit,black turban, /></a></div> <br /> <div style=Turban: MyCa Couture: shop here, Dress: Jacky Luxury: (sold out) Shoes: H&M: here, Yellow mirrored sunnies: Primark, Rings: H&M, Bracelet: Ladyland, Bag: Lady Store Amsterdam.
Okay, I think I have worn a pair of flats on my blog only once lol.
I should wear them more often and I will!
Especially when I was just talking about a little more comfort.
I have found the cutest gladiator flats at H&M last week.
They come with a slight heel so they still give you a little bit of height,  but looks like a flat.
They are so comfortable and look great with almost anything!
These flats are from the brand new collection.
So if you are looking for a special type of flat sandal, this is the one I think.
I am keeping it short and sweet you guys.
I want to wish you all a fabulous rest of the week!
xoxo Tamara Chloé 

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