Color Overload with MyCa Couture

August 10, 2013

Hey everyone!

For today’s post I am proud to have teamed up with MyCa Couture.
MyCa Couture is a Miami based jewellery designer.
I am absolutely in love with their pieces.
Their jewellery is all handcrafted and so fun, feminine and trendy.
We all know this combination is always a winner!

 To add a fun touch to my dress, I decided to wear this edgy skull necklace on my back .
It covers a little of all the bare skin I am showing and instantly transforms this necklace into a huge statement don’t you think?
I love the skull detail and the bright yellow color.
This necklace  with trendy tassels is also perfect to wear to the beach with a low cut bathing suit or colorful bikini.
Make sure you check out MyCa Couture’s designs at their Etsy store right: here










Skull Necklace: MyCa Couture shop here, Maxi Dress and gold cuff: Supertrash, Sold out, heels: Zara here, Blue ring: Primark.

Colors, colors,colors!

If you’ve read my blog on a regular basis,  you should know I am a huge color fanatic!
Definitely the reason this colorful maxi dress is totally suited for me.
 Bright, gorgeous,with a beautiful flow and exquisite cut,  I spotted this dress for the first time when I went to the Supertrash fashion show during fashion week last year.

I knew then and there I wanted this dress like no other.

It actually took me a while to buy it and when I did want to get it, they were sold out.
I got so incredibly lucky to have found one last piece at the Supertrash sample sale two months ago.
I almost ripped if off a poor girl, who was trying the dress on.
I think I have to admit I am one of those horrible women who literally snatch items out of other innocent shoppers hands.

Ladies forgive me, but it’s all in the name of fashion.
I know,I know,  it’s a poor excuse!

I chose not to wear a bag or clutch, because this dress needs nothing else then beautiful  jewellery and a pair of high heels.
In my opinion, when a dress makes such a huge statement like this one,  it’s best to keep things very simple and clean.

I am wishing you all a fabulous weekend and please make sure you check out MyCa Couture before you head out right HERE

xoxo much love Tamara Chloé

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