Camouflage Crush

September 8, 2013


Hey everyone.

I am still enjoying the wonderful weather especially knowing next week will be so different with lots of rain and lower temperatures.
This is definitely the reason why I have been wearing as many skirts as I can possibly pull out of my closet before I have to cover my legs for fall and winter.
The fact they won’t be seeing daylight for another six months is hanging over my head like a thick dark cloud.
 I so do not want to say goodbye to summer. 

I have been making a slow fall transition by wearing some favorite fall colors. The color army green will definitely be one of them. 










Skirt: Carhartt, Top: Ladystore Amsterdam, Blue shirt: America today, Bag,rings and hat: H&M, Watch: Casio, Bracelet: Supertrash, Booties: La Strada.
Get the look:


Besides color mixing, print mixing is one of my favorite things to do when it comes to creating an outfit.
I love finding combinations, I never really thought possible and make them work!
That’s what happened with today’s outfit.
I think camo print works so well with the checkered print of the blue shirt around the waist.
They are both classic prints so that’s what I love about them.
This shirt “around the waist” is a hot fall trend that just keeps popping up all over the place, 
I actually added the shirt while we were shooting these pictures yesterday.
My skirt kept sliding down so I grabbed my photographers shirt he carried in his bag and tied it around my waist.
Such a coincidence the print is totally back in style and “tying a shirt around the waist” right there with it.
 The cool thing is: mixing the two prints totally worked.
 Instantly making the outfit appear more interesting don’t you think?
Enjoy a fabulous Sunday everyone!
xoxo Tamara Chloé 
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