Cut Out Dress

September 4, 2013


Hey everyone
 Summer is still going full force out here and I am as excited as a kid in a candy store.
I still get to wear all the cute summer dresses I haven’t even worn yet.
One of these horribly neglected purchases is this black mini dress with cut out detailing.
This sexy number has been hanging in my closet for months now with the tags still on it! 
With all these tags I get to shop my closet every day seriously!








Dress: Zara, Bag: Supertrash: here, Sandals: H&M: here, Bracelet with pearls: Bijenkorf (old), Blue Bracelet: Albert Cuyp Market Amsterdam
Shop cut out dresses:
Regular readers of this blog know, I never really wear an all black outfit.
Being a huge fan of color, it is an option that just never really crosses my mind, because I think it is lazy and boring not to wear any color and walk around like you are on your way to a funeral.

For some reason I wasn’t in the mood for colors for today’s post.
No I am not depressed or in a dark mood.
I just wanted something different. 
Then I thought: “but you always wear colors”.
But what the heck I can wear a potato bag if I want to as long as it’s styled well with the proper heels
that would compliment the brown color damn it.

I decided to wear something that reflected my mood and not give in on the” I always need to wear colors pressure” so I went ahead and liked it more then I thought I would.

Then I noticed with an all black out fit your face really stands out which in some cases is a positive thing.
Let’s say for a job interview or formal party.
I think I was inspired by H&Ms Fall 13 look book.
Which is basically all black styles with a amazing eye on detailing,textures and different fabrics like leather, satin, velvets and lace !
I had an immediate change of heart when I noticed how chic and classy and clean they all looked. 
I am so excited to try new things for fall and I guess this is one of them.
I could not resist to add a tiny bit of color by wearing green colors in my arm party.
But hey a girl needs a slow transition what can I say! 

Check out H&Ms a/w 13 look book campaign and you can go ahead and blame them for my current change of heart on all black colorless ensembles.

So what are your thoughts on an all black outfit?

I wish you all a fabulous day!

xoxo Tamara Chloé

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