Goodbye Summer With A Two Piece Floral

September 25, 2013


DSC_1131 supertrsh dress, H&M over the knee boots resize


This will probably be my last summer look this year!
  last Monday it was such a warm and beautiful day.
I decided to say goodbye to summer with this gorgeous floral “Jacky O” inspired two piece floral suit.

Paired with one of fall’s biggest trends: the “over the knee” boots  from the H&M Paris Show Collection.
It does make for the perfect transition don’t you think?


DSC_1294 resized Dahlia dress supertrash
DSC_1401 supertrash Dahlia dress,H&M over the knee paris collection boots
DSC_1275 final final supertrash dahlia dress3
DSC_1340 Supertrash Dahlia dress resized3
DSC_1359 supertrash Dahlia dress 2 resized
DSC_1612 supertrash dalia dress resize2
DSC_1466 resized dahlia dress supertrash final
Two piece floral suit: Supertrash Jacket: here, Dress (sold out) but still available here Boots: H&M Paris Show Collection, Rings: H&M
Shop the jacket:
Have you noticed my bangs?
No,  I didn’t do anything drastic and didn’t cut bangs lol
I used clip in bangs for this “Jacky O” inspired look.
As you may have noticed I have been trying some different hairstyles lately and these bangs totally suit this outfit don’t you think?
I bought this gorgeous floral two piece suit months ago,  but I never got around to wearing it.
Like a lot of my poor clothes, it was still hanging in my closet with the tags still on them.


 I had always imagined wearing it with a pair of white strappy heels for summer.

Until my mom came up with the idea to wear this suit with my new suede “over the knee” H&M Paris collection boots.
 Such a brilliant idea right?

I had my eye on these boots weeks before they came out and when they did hit the stores  they were all sold out online in one day!!
I couldn’t believe it!
I was mad.
Then I went in to town and searched at every H&M I could find with no luck.
Luckily I found just one perfect new pair at Marktplaats (Dutch eBay).
I was determined they were going to be mine and mine only.
So of course it was no surprise there were others desperately bidding for the same pair.

What were they all  thinking?
These boots needed to be in my life and my blog,
 This gorgeous brown pair had my name all over them.
So I emailed the owner with an offer and she immediately kept raising the price lol.
Of course I didn’t blame her, these boots had been selling like hot cakes.

I got lucky, the lovely owner sold them to me.
I felt like kissing her I was so happy.
These boots are seriously my new best friends.
Definitely one of those items I will wear a lot this fall.
What can I say,  they are so easy to pair with almost anything from skirts, dresses to leggings and skinny jeans.
How about you?
Have you done anything to officially say goodbye to summer?
I want to wish you all an amazing rest of the week.
With love Tamara Chloé
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