50 Extraordinary Xmas Decoration Ideas

December 18, 2013

Only six days away from Christmas and I am still in the midst of decorating my place.
A fresh green tree has been up for a week now, although I keep picking new decorations and adding final touches.
I thought I could share some stunning inspiration I found on the Internet while searching for decorating ideas!
If you are like me, you are still on the look out for pretty color schemes and table decor settings















All images taken from Pinterest.

Home decor is one of my big passions. A passion I share with my mom who happens to be an interior stylist.
I love beautiful surroundings and I can even feel slightly depressed when I am in a place that’s not warm and well taken care of.  Ever since I was a young girl, I would fidget with cute candles, flowers and ornaments.
I even bring them when I travel and put them up in my hotel room.
It is so important to feel happy in your home and Christmas time definitely brings that special fuzzy feeling we all want for our home right?

My mom has some amazing Pinterest boards up on her account. If you would like to check out thé most amazing inspiration for both decor and fashion and even fitness videos! Make sure you check out her Pinterest boards right: here
I promise you! You will love it!

 So how about you? Have you finished decorating yet? I am curious for your thoughts.

Enjoy a wonderful day everyone!

With love Tamara Chloé

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