Baby Blues With Myca Couture

January 9, 2014


DSC_7858 baby blue sweater, Myca Hat resized




Hey everyone 
There is nothing “baby” about baby blue if you mix the color with edgy materials like leather and metallic and a cool hat. Simply in love with this color, I am sure garments in this hue will be a staple in my closet. 
DSC_7444 baby blue sweater, Myca hat resized
DSC_7292 BabyBlue sweater, MyCa Couture hat resized fimal
DSC_7488 Myca bracelet resized
DSC_7357 babyblue sweater, Myca hat resized
DSC_7775 babyblue sweater, Myca couture hat resized
DSC_7369 baby blue sweater, Myca couture hat resized final
DSC_7529 baby Blue sweater, Myca Hat
DSC_7651 babyblue sweater, Myca hat resized
DSC_7825 baby blue sweater, Myca hat resized
Hat and bracelet: Myca Couture here, Sweater: H&M Divided, Bag: River Island, Boots: Sergio Todzi, Metallic pants: RJ, Clip in Hairextensions: Luxury For Princess (Use exclusive  code: tamarachloe at check out for a great discount):here
Get the look: 
Do you feel this way too?
I feel kinda sad all the festivities of the holidays are over. I love the magic of Christmas and now it’s all gone and the new year has started. Dark and rainy days are ahead of us and any sign of spring is still very far away. The thing I hate the most is I have no reason anymore to eat Christmas cookies and cakes. Now of course I love my green smoothies but I can’t help to think of the chocolate ice cream desserts we had over the holidays. I am not one of those lucky people who can eat whatever they want and stay thin, I have to work hard to maintain a slim figure and the holidays haven’t helped. I have no other choice then to brighten up my days by wearing fun colors, I chose baby blue because it immediately lifts my spirits while wearing it and I think baby blue looks gorgeous with the color orange which has been one of my favorite colors for the past year. What do you guys think?
Well I have something to brighten up my day, thankfully there is a lot to look forward to. Amsterdam fashion week will here in  a few weeks. So I am excited to visit and I can’t wait to view some amazing new collections and meet some great people. Of course I will keep all of you guys updated about it all and I promise you few fun posts on the big event. Let’s be real if I have to chose between fashion and fattening holiday foods it will have to be fashion!
How about you?
In the mean time I wish you all an amazing day!
With love Tamara
 Beyonce: Who run the world? GIRLS!
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