Dark Days, Dark Shades

January 17, 2014
DSC_8153 plaid coat, over the knee boots resized4
Hey everyone 
I know, I know, I  look completely out of this world by wearing a pair of sunnies when the sun is this far to be seen.
But hey I happen to like this fabulous pair and as of right now we are experiencing the mildest winter we’ve had in decades, so you should all cut me some slack!
In the mean time check out my new hair chain by Myca Couture
I absolutely love it!
DSC_8535 plaid coat resized
DSC_8170 (2) plaid coat, over the knee boots resized
DSC_8802 resized
DSC_8631 hair chain resized lighter
DSC_8350 plaid coat, supertrash bag resized
Hair chain: Myca Couture here, Coat: Zara, Shorts: Forever 21,  Turtleneck sweater: H&M Bag: SuperTrash, OTK boots: H&M Paris Show Collection.
Shop the look:
I need a new  fashion trend everyone.
I am getting bored with winter wear and seriously can’t wait for the new spring collections to hit the stores.
Don’t get me wrong, I love layering but I am in the mood for bright colors and light fabrics.
I feel like I want to change my hair color too, maybe a shade lighter for a softer look.
What do you all think? Any suggestions anyone?
This Sunday it will be my birthday, so I will post a birthday outfit as I will be celebrating with family and loved ones. I might cheat on my clean foods diet and have a huge piece of birthday cake.
I can’t wait!
Enjoy a fabulous weekend everyone!
With love
Tamara Chloé 
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