Day 2- MBFW With Franzel, Duran Lantink And Jan Boelo

February 3, 2014


DSC_9848 Franzel Amsterdam Fashion week, Duran Lantink, Jan Boelo Resized (2)
Hey everyone
How are you all doing?
Are you ready for a recap of my second day at Amsterdam fashion week last week? For day two I was fortunate to attend three shows: Franzel AmsterdamDuran Lantink and Jan Boelo . All amazing designers and very unique in there own way. I am showing you guys quite an extensive amount of runway photos I snapped myself so bear with me, but this is not a case of sharing these photo’s like: “wow look how cool I am, I went to all these shows at fashion week”!  No, I went to see these shows and wanted to share this with you for some much needed inspiration!
Even if you can’t afford designer couture, take a second to really study the designs, the fabrics,  the textures and colors of the clothing. You can use these ideas and implement them in your own way and create trends for yourself. Instead of being a trend follower, you can be a trendsetter by getting inspired by the runways. So with this, here are a few of my favorite photos. 
 About my outfit for that day, I always and I mean always buy new outfits when going to an event, party or special occasion, but this time I wanted to create fun outfits with pieces I already own. With a closet full of unworn clothes with the tags still on them, I had to go ahead and pull a few out. I have been trying to shop more responsibly, so I have been on a little bit of a shopping ban for a while now. For some reason I don’t think this ban will work for me when I leave for Paris next week though!
DSC_9830 Amsterdam fashion week 2014, Franzel, Jan Boelo 2resized
DSC_9864 fashion week AMSTERDAM 2014, Franzel, Duran Lantink, Jan Boelo resized2
DSC_9790 Amsterdam Fashion week 2014, Franzel, Jan Boelo, Duran Lantink resized
DSC_9890 fASHION WEEK AMSTERDAM 2014, FRANZEL ANSTERDAM, Duran lantink, Jan Boelo resized2
 The shows:
Fred van Leer, Franzel, Fashionweek amsterdam 2014
Well known stylist Fred van Leer just being the nicest man you could meet.  Gotta love this guy for attending every show. It really shows how much Fred truly loves fashion!
Franzel Amsterdam
The first show I attended was: Franzel Amsterdam a young and upcoming designer and a personal favorite of mine. Franzel is not afraid of creating a bold style when it comes to trendy Men’s Wear. Bright colors, graphic prints and one of a kind pieces. For some reason I can see Kanye West wearing some of this ultra cool stuff. Franzel’s AW14 collection has a urban feel, yet it has all the elements of trendy street wear with a designer twist due to high quality and fun materials. In my opinion Franzel is here to stay!
DSC_0010 Franzel Amsterdam Fashion week 2014 resized
DSC_9979 Franzel Amsterdam Fashion week 2014 resized
DSC_0031 Franzel amsterdam fashion week 2014 resized
Franzel Amsterdam fashion week 2014
Collage Franzel Amsterdam Fashion week 2014
DSC_0041 Franzel amsterdam fashion week 2014 resized
DSC_9952 Franzel Amsterdam Fashion week 2014
DSC_9968 Franzel amsterdam fashion week 2014 frontrow


Play this video, sit back and enjoy Franzel Amsterdams AW 14 collection




Duran Lantink
Duran Lantinks show stopping designs are something you might not be able to wear on a daily basis, but I sure can appreciate his creative mind when it comes to his AW14 collection  We can even use his ideas to mix metallics, whites and some neon’s some more this year.
DSC_0083 Duran Lantinkl Amsterdam fashion week 2014
DSC_0106 Duran Lantink Fashion week 2014 resized
DSC_0137 Duran Lantink Fashion week 2014
Collage Duran Lantink Fashion week 2014
DSC_9982 press Franzel amsterdan fashion week 2014
Jan Boelo 
Jan Boelo’s rock inspired collection sure is anyone’s cup of tea, Lace up leather sleeves, thick and shiny metallic materials, army inspired boots, and I can feel this will be a great trend this fall for Jan Boelo decided to let his models wear a dress or skirt over a pair of leather pants multiple times in his show. Love it or hate it? May I just say: genius! 
DSC_0222 Jan Boelo Fashion week amsterdam 2104
DSC_0252 Jan Boelo amsterdam fashion week 2014


Collage Jan Boelo Fashion week Amsterdam 2014


DSC_0335 Jan Boelo Amsterdam Fashion week 2014
DSC_0300 Jan Boelo Fashion week Amsterdam
DSC_0280 Jan Boelo Amsterdam fashion week 2014
Collage Jan Boelo Fashion week Amsterdam(2) 2014
DSC_0357 Jan Boelo Finak Fashion week 2014
For so much more on Jan Boelo’s fabulous AW14 collection, play the video, sit back and enjoy!
 I was wearing: Jetsetter floppy fedora hat: Myca Couture here, Shirt: Avanti, Skirt: Vila, Jacket: Poools: here, Bag: Zara, Necklace: Pieces, Booties: Blink. Hair extensions 220 grams by: Luxury For princess  (use exclusive code: “tamarachloe” for a little discount at check out) here
Are there any pieces in the shows you would wear or are inspired by? Do you see any new trends coming up? I am curious for your thoughts.
In the mean time stay tuned for some more on Amsterdam Fashion Week as day 3 will be coming up soon! Enjoy a fabulous start of the week everyone!
Much love Tamara Chloé
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