Off To Paris In Purple Plaid

February 13, 2014
DSC_4915 plaid scarf resized final
Hey everyone 
 Here is just a quick snapshot taken right before I left for Paris on the high speed train yesterday. This speedy train only takes three and a half hours to get from Amsterdam to Paris, which is absolutely amazing if you think the  regular train takes six hours. I am not fond of flying and only will if I really have to, so I love this option, A delicious meal served at my table,  free drinks and wifi internet, I absolutely love traveling on ground like this. This huge plaid scarf kept me warm and cozy on this particularly cold winter day, but who cares about the temperatures when your off to the city of light?
DSC_4964 Seine Paris

When I arrived I couldn’t help but take a few pictures while enjoying this amazing city,. It has been said, every time you visit Paris you fall in love all over again and it is so true, This city is truly magical!

DSC_4968 bridge locks Paris
Lovers Lock bridge.
Attach a lock with you and your lovers name, throw the key in the river and your love will remain for ever! Romantic huh?
DSC_5022 eifel tower, tamarachloestyleclues
This gorgeous tower, how can anyone not be impressed by it, just gotta visit it every time I am in Paris.
Instagram collage
Some instagrams: 1:  Reading a French Vogue on the train, 2: Night lit Hotel De Ville, 3:View of the Eifeltower, while 4: enjoying lunch.
I was wearing: Plaid scarf: Pieces, Turtleneck sweater: H&M, Shorts: F21, Boots: Zara
I am off for a meeting and then I will take a stroll around this rainy but gorgeous city. Of course I will post more “Paris” impressions soon.
Have a lovely day everyone.
xo Tamara Chloé
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