Eiffel On My Tote

March 20, 2014
DSC_7573 Orange jacket, Myca couture, Babyblue scar2f
Hey everyone 
It is officially spring!!! 
Yes, yes, yes finally! What else can I do then celebrating it by wearing bright colors and enjoy the beautiful blossoming  spring flowers all around us……
DSC_7408 orange jacket, baby blue scarf
DSC_7481 spring violets
DSC_7180 orange leather jacket, myca couture, baby blue scarf
DSC_7033 orange jacket, myca couture, babyblue scarf
DSC_7477 black Eiffel tower tote bag, orange leather jacket
DSC_7596 orange jacket Final
DSC_7485 Rijks museum resized
DSC_7056 baby Blue scarf
DSC_7581 orange leather jacket, babyblue scarf
DSC_7250 jewellery
DSC_7705 fruitstall
DSC_7215 pink spring blossom
I was wearing: Skirt: Daphnea, Jacket: L’olive Verfe, Shirt: H&M, Boots: Sergio Todzi: Tote Bag: small boutique in Paris, Scarf: Noom Boutique Amsterdam
Get the look:
Having spent an amazing time in Paris for a while, how can I not love this fun tote bag I scored at a small boutique in Montmartre the artistic neighborhood of Paris a few weeks ago? This is definitely my way of carrying a little bit of Paris with me where ever I go! Like I promised in my new years resolutions, I will be doing quite some traveling this year. The next upcoming trip will be to my “home town” Los Angeles for work and some serious play next month and when I get back I will be in Amsterdam for three days before I will head out to Ibiza for a sun filled beach vacay! In between planning some trips, I am seriously contemplating moving to Paris for a few months some time later this year. This city has pulled me onto a  huge fluffly pink cloud of being absolutely in love with it. To me everything in Paris is just magical. dreamy, elegant and so, so, soooo romantic. I have lived in London and half of my adult life in Los Angeles, so I’m used to exploring new places and right now I am in need for some changes in my life, new surroundings in a city that makes me smile. Don’t we all love to be somewhere where we can feel that rush of energy when waking up? Do you -like me- dream of living in a completely new place from time to time? Sometimes we just need to go ahead and make our dreams come true by simply just make it happen and start living them. What do you think?
With love and thanks so much for reading everyone!
Tamara Chloé
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