Let’s Talk Paris

March 26, 2014
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Paris is such a breathtaking city, how can anyone not be in awe while being here? On a sunny Sunday afternoon I strolled around and just basically shot pictures of everything that caught my eye. Always being in front of the camera on this blog it sure is fun to share some images with you when I’m actually behind it for a change. Can you imagine why I want to move to this city later this year? Paris breathes decadence, classic elegance, and an enormous amount of beauty that just takes your breath away.

And the food? Well when in Paris you should defnitely try the: roasted duck breast with berries. at Restaurant: Kong.  The best cream pastries I have ever tasted at: Odette. The flavours: pistache, chocolate and café are amongst my favorites. Stop by for great tasting chocolates at Michel Cluizel on Rue Saint-Honoré and if you are looking for an amazing sandwich, check out Cosi for some crispy and light foccacias in Saint-Germain-Des-Pres. I tried the Ricotta and walnuts and it was absolutely delicious! Hope you enjoy my Paris impressions here!


DSC_6387 Place Vendome Paris resizedDSC_6353 Place Vendome Paris LantarnsDSC_6313 Chanel Place Vendome ParisDSC_6940 StarbucksDSC_6336 Place vendome ParisDSC_6604 Paris breadsDSC_6394 ParisDSC_5669 Chandelier in Paris hotelCollage Rue Saint Honoré ParisDSC_6415 Rue saint Honoré parisDSC_6492 macarons at La Duree ParisDSC_6467 La Duree ParisDSC_6460 Macarons at La Duree parisDSC_6520 Eiffel tower ParisDSC_6558 Spring violets ParisDSC_6612 Champs Elysees ParisDSC_6592 Champs Elysees ParisDSC_5802 Eiffel tower ParisDSC_5785 Pond Du Alexandre ParisDSC_7213 blossomDSC_6668 Carriage ParisCollage diner Paris


I was wearing: Moto Jacket: Toxic, Necklace: Zara, Shirt: Avanti, Lipstick: Chanel Rouge Allure



10 fun facts about Parisians:

1: Despite the rumours about the French not wanting to speak English, Parisians especially the young people know how to speak English véry well!
2: The French usually eat their diner very late which is great because you’ll be able to eat a full diner in most  fancy restaurants way past midnight.
3: Parisians have a name of being rude and not very warm to strangers, well I’ve noticed Parisians are very polite and even extremely kind once the ice is broken. Breaking the ice is easy just by greeting them in French. A simple “Bonjour Madame” will do the trick. French sales people detest visitors who won’t greet them when entering and leaving their store. To them politeness is a must! Despite the fact they love to complain about the over enthusiastic tourists, Parisians actually dó like foreigners visiting their city which they are noticeably very proud of.  Just make sure you acknowledge them and they are as nice as can be!
4: Parisians looove to complain and they love to complain wíth you!  About the weather, politics, bad traffic you name it. Just join in on the complaining and you’ve made your self a new friend in no time.
5: Parisians talk loud while dining. It’s almost yelling when they get into heated discusssions about politics, Justin Bieber, books or movies. Name a subject and they love to disagree with each other, At first I thought a group of friends were arguing, but then finding out this is their way of conversing with eachother over a good bottle of wine and having a perfectly fun night. It’s actually fun to watch them like this.
6: I love how Parisians take their time while enjoying their food. Two hour lunches over a good conversation is thé thing to do when meeting friends in Paris.
7: Parisians love to smoke and you better not tell them not too.They will find ways to smoke anywhere, anytime even despite freezing temperatures. Snow? Who cares, they will sit outside and smoke at a cafe terrace even if it’s the last thing they do.
8: Besides being the fashion capital of the world, the regular Parisian loves to dress “casual-chic” and nothing too over the top. Wearing bright colors in winter will make everyone stare at you like you are an alien from outer space.
9: Parisians walk very fast in their overcrowded streets!  An easy paced stroll is difficult just by trying to avoid not banging into a rushed Parisian trying to get to their destination, It seriously is a way of going left, right, left to make sure to stay safe on the pedestrian area and not ending up being pushed aside hard!  Luckily I am a pretty fast walker myself, but being a tourist you want to pause and enjoy the views, but can sometimes be nearly impossible without getting in the way of nearly anyone lol.  The best time to go for a slow stroll is on a rainy Sunday when most stores are actually closed. The stores on Avenue Des Champs Élysée’s are open on Sundays and yes again véry crowded, then again the crowd is mostly tourists, so they do tend to walk a lot slower.
10: Parisians love to “stare” and when you stare back at them by sheer irritation, they will keep on staring at you without turning away in embarrassment. The only thing you can do is deal with it and make yourself look like u love the attention even though you are not.
11: Last but not least, most Parisians speak English véeeeery well, Yes I know, I already mentioned that, but I love them for it! 
Oui oui, j’adore Paris!
Thanks for reading everyone and make sure you enjoy a great day.

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