From L.A. To Ibiza

May 29, 2014
DSC_2457 All white outfit, Ibiza, Betsy Palmer bag, Zara

First and foremost I want to apologize to all of you for having gone M.I.A.  for over a week and half, but guess what? I’m back and I have tons of fun outfit posts lined up for you! This post is all about an “all off white” look, something I loved wearing, when I was just so lucky to travel to this gorgeous island called Ibiza, where the sun is always bright, the beaches are stunning and the foods are just pure perfection.

DSC_2387 Lace shorts, Betsy Johnson bag, Ibiza, All white outfitDSC_2215 Ibiza, All white outfit, Betsy Johnson bag2,DSC_2349 statement necklace, ibizaDSC_2127 all white outfit, Ibiza, Betsy Johnson, ZaraDSC_2378 Betsy Johnson bag, IbizaDSC_2210 all white outfit, Ibiza, Betsy Johnson bagDSC_2341 All white outfit, ibiza, statement necklaceDSC_3206 Ibiza Hotel poolDSC_2417 all white outfit, Ibiza, Betsy Johnson bagDSC_2376 Betsy Johnson bagDSC_2602 Ibiza ViewDSC_2606 Ibiza beach viewDSC_2317 White Zara strappy heelsDSC_2439 all white outfit, Ibiza, Zara white strappy heels2


 Photos by Daniella Gabriel and with special thanks to hotel: Sirenis Goleta

I was wearing: Top: American Dream, Shorts: MNK, Bag: Betsy Johnson here, Heels: Zara, I love this pair in black also here Necklace: LadyLand Amsterdam, Bracelet: Lucardi.

Siiiiiigh yes Ibiza, I am seriously addicted to this exhilarating island, The people are nice, the energy is amazing and relaxing, while there is just tons of stuff to do without ever getting bored here. Nightlife and shopping are just fabulous and I have to say simply every store in Ibiza is spectacular with the most beautiful real authentic Spanish unknown brands. What the people on the island love most when it comes to fashion, are tons of textured and colorful clothing, made of fabrics like lace,crochet and chunky summer knits. I actually bought this entire outfit in Los Angeles and even wore it there on a night out, but I had no time to really shoot it. I was happy to notice this outfit really suited in a post on this Spanish hot spot, so here you go right? 


Let me tell you about brand store Zara here in Spain! Can you believe everything is 30% cheaper here? Making me and my travel companion, cousin Daniella stopping by here like two heroin addicts every freaking day. I can’t help it and it’s getting a little out of hand lately, as we were just unstoppable here. For instance, I picked up these fabulous white strappy heels on one of our Zara explorings and after I shot these photos by the pool at the hotel, I got stuck with my precious heels in a pool grid, making me freak out like there was no tomorrow. Both my heels were ruined, so I could only find one option and it was to head back to Zara (again) and buy the same pair. Yes I know, I know. That’s pretty bad, because I could have taken the damaged heels to a shoe maker, but seriously?  I felt so much better after getting them again, because these sexy numbers will be worn straight to the bone this summer. Reason enough I needed a fresh new pair right? I do get it,  I’m spoiled sometimes. But can a girl really be, when it comes down to buying shoes? I think not! Stay tuned for lots more Ibiza photos in my upcoming posts.  Anyone here with cool vacation plans for the summer?


I wish you all an amazing rest of the week.

With love Tamara Chloé

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