Hello Yellow

June 11, 2014
DSC_2773 zara yellow shorts, Zara yellow shirt, Ibiza, harbourclub

Another post from the beautiful and sunny island of Ibiza and with hot temperatures going full on, I could only choose thé ultimate summer color which of course could be nothing less then this bright yellow. I have always loved the combination of this golden hue paired with hot pink. They are such opposite colors but mixed the right way can make such a fun combination don’t you think?

For this particular occasion me and my beautiful cousin Daniella spent five hours just eating, sipping rosé and lounging at the stunning Harbour Club. The back drop is so incredibly gorgeous, so besides my outfit of the day I just had to share some images we shot there of this scenery, which I can only describe as pure paradise.

DSC_2872 Ibiza bagDSC_2791 Zara yellow lace shorts, Zara yellow shirt, ibiza, harbourclubDSC_2760 harbourclub ibiza tablesDSC_2930 Harbour Club Ibiza beach viewDSC_2745 palmtree harbourclub ibizaDSC_2797 Zara yellow lace shorts, Zara yellow shirt, Ibiza, harbour clubDSC_2882 Zara lace yellow shortsDSC_2964 floral arangement at the harbourclub IbizaDSC_2833 Zara yellow lace shorts, Zara yellow shirt, Ibiza, HarbourclubDSC_2742 waitress harbourclub IbizaDSC_2957 Cousin Daniella at Harbourclub IbizaDSC_2762 Harbour club, Ibiza, the chocolate dreamDSC_2753 mirrored sunglassesDSC_2854 Zara yellow lace shorts, Zara yellow shirt, Ibiza, Harbour clubDSC_2870 Ibiza, braceletsDSC_2949 Harbour club ocean views IbizaDSC_2963 Boutique harbour club IbizaDSC_2966 Bags in Ibiza, Harbour clubDSC_2961 jewellery stand Harbour club, IbizaDSC_2803 yellow zara lace shorts, yellow zara shirt, Ibiza, harbour clubDSC_2751 DJ harbour club IbizaDSC_2880 ZARA gold sandals 2DSC_2897 Floral at Harbour club Ibiza


Photos by: Daniella Gabriel

I was wearing: Shirt here, shorts: here and sandals: Zara, Bracelets and Straw basket bag: Boutique Amancer (plaza de Tertulia, Ibiza) 

Like most of us, eating out is one of my favorite things to do. I am pretty picky about it, because I always want to eat at a spot where the decor is beautiful and where I can enjoy a great view. Yes, yes, spoiled I know.  One of our last days on our stay in Ibiza, me and my cousin decided to just go for a drive and see where we would end up. We were getting pretty hungry and after turning into a remote road which was leading straight to the mountains, we found: The Harbour Club This place is one of my favorites in Amsterdam and it was such an amazing coincidence we bumped into an even more beautiful version here on Ibiza.


The food is absolutely exquisite and after a great caesar salad, we decided it was time for a much needed chocolate fix. We picked the “Chocolate Dream” from the menu, after the kind waiter explained it to be an absolute”must try” and on top of that a very photogenic one too, it’s that pretty. Well this huge plank of chocolate goodies was just to much to eat for two people to begin with. You can easily share this with five people. I mean just looking at it made me feel like I was getting fat by the second, but boy was this dessert sinfully good!  Please and I’m begging you all please, try this one if you ever visit Ibiza, because you will die and think you have gone to chocolate heaven. Sight just thinking about it makes my mouth water like a 4 month old baby.


Apart from great foods on Ibiza, this island is just filled with the most amazing clothing. The style is mostly “boho chic” what Ibiza is known for. All the beautiful colors and fabrics are just designed to put you into that easy breezy summer mood. Even if you are not a fan of this particular style, you can mix certain items like bags or jewellery with nearly anything, the items are that versatile.


With a few very cool projects coming up here on the blog and Amsterdam Fashion Week starting next month, I am planning on visiting one of my favorite places pretty soon again, which of course is my beloved Paris. I can’t wait to share all of this with you guys here, so stay tuned. In the mean time there are tons of outfit posts lined up for you, which I hope you will be able to get summer inspiration from! What’s your favorite item for summer? Like you, I need inspiration too sometimes.

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