Amsterdam Fashion Week Part III

August 9, 2014
DSC_9730 Leather midi skirt, Suprtrash bag, Bershka crop top. Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014

I’m back with another Fashion Week Post and this time I’m sharing my outfit of the day that in my opinion needed color and some edge and includes a few of my favorite shots of runways shows by talented designers: David la Port and Maison the Faux. Hope you enjoy!


DSC_9581 leather Full skirt, Bershka top, Supertrash bag, Zara metallic heels, Fashion Week Amsterdam 2014 (7)DSC_9681 Supertrash bagDSC_9717 Red EarcuffDSC_9630 Supertrash bag, Bershka top, Amsterdam fashion week 2014DSC_9749 Fashion lab, Fashion Week Amsterdam 2014

David La Port:

In my opinion, young designer David La Port is a true artist. His designs are very feminine with beautiful lines and great eye for detail. His show was short but oh so sweet. I loved every piece especially the white feather skirt you’ll see in one of the photos.

DSC_9785 david La Port show, Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014DSC_9793 david La Post, Fashion Week Amsterdam 2014DSC_9813 David La Port, Fashion Week Amsterdam 2014DSC_9844 David La Port show, Fashion Week Amsterdam 2014. (2)jpgDSC_9863 david La Port, Fashion Week Amsterdam 2014

Maison the Faux:

Maison the Faux really knows how to push fashion to the edge. Their show was full of spectacle, drama and was different then any other fashion show I have seen. The show started with three nude body painted female singers, just making the most bizar sounds like you were in a African jungle or so I imagined. This bizar yet fun opening really showed what Maison the Faux stands for, which is”Out Of the box” thinking and translates into their totally one of a kind creations. We are talking male models in bikini’s, feathers, lots of colorful beads, stressed shirts, and lots of colors. You either hated it or loved it. I just have to say: I absolutely loved it! 

  DSC_0005 Maison De Faux, fashion Week Amsterdam 2104DSC_0014 Maison De Faux, Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014DSC_0022 Maison The Faux, Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014DSC_0066 Maison The Faux, Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014DSC_0069 Maison The Faux, Amsterdam fashion Week 2014

I was wearing:

Top: Bershka, Skirt and Ear Cuff: LadyLand Amsterdam, Heels: Zara, Bag: Supertrash here


For some reason I wanted to wear black leather and I thought grabbing my leather full midi skirt I purchased last fall and only wore once was a perfect pick. Up until two hours before leaving the house, I had no clue on what to wear. I knew it had to be a little different because I knew both the two shows I would be attending would be exactly just that. I was right.The audience for these shows was very different than the day before where everybody dressed very classy and elegant. Today the crowd was full of colorful fashion lovers, edgy and very modern, so I knew I had made the right choice when it came to my outfit pick.

 I enjoyed my day at these shows a lot, although I have to admit I was a tad bit tired lol. Oh yeah, I am complaining about being tired at Fashion Week. A huge no- no and quite a few bloggers get trapped into doing every so often.

Well, I can tell you, Fashion Week is exhilarating, and inspiring to the bone. But yes I will have to be honest, the running around can get very hectic. I won’t complain of course! Most of all I had an amazing time, let’s get that straight. Attending Fashion Week is something I wouldn’t have thought possible only a few years ago, so most of all I feel inspired and grateful being there.

Stay tuned for my last day at Fashion Week in my next post. Enjoy a fabulous weekend everyone and thanks for reading.

With love Tamara Chloé.

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