Fashion Week Amsterdam Part IV

August 20, 2014
Jacky Luxury dress, Supertrash bag, Panama hat(2)

Oh yes! I have one more and the last Amsterdam Fashion Week outfit post for you all. I wore this outfit when I went to see the Vibrant Pakistan show. A festive and very colorful spectacle. I love to dress in the style of the show I am visiting, so I decided to wear this gorgeous beaded dress by Jacky Luxury, that contains everything from easy breezy summer chic to beach life glam. I figured because of the beading and pairing this dress with a summer Panama hat it would be completely appropriate for wearing it to this particular show.I have actually worn this dress here on the blog last summer as you can see here, but hey how can anyone have a stunning dress like this hanging in their closet and not wear it least a few times every summer?

DSC_1506 Jacky Luxury dress, Panama hat, Supertrash bag, Fashion week amsterdam 2014 (4))DSC_1536 Jacky Luxury dress, Supertrash bag, Panama hat(3)DSC_2081 Jacky Luxury dress, Supertrash bagDSC_1381 Jacky Luxury dress, Supertrash bag, Panama hat(2)DSC_2061 Supertrash Estelle ClutchJacky luxury, Supertrash,panama hat(2)DSC_2243 Jacky Luxury dress, Panama hatZara high heel sandalsDSC_2096 details Jacky Luxury dressCollage Jacky Luxury dress, Supertrash bag, Panama hatDSC_1913 Jacky Luxury Dress, Supertrash bag, Panama hat

Vibrant Pakistan Show By Beauty And The East:


This show captured my color loving heart. Think lots of bold and colorful jewelry, exotic prints, flowing fabrics, beautiful details, mixed with a little “1001 night” mystery and poise and you have a recipe for a spectacular show. This show was all about making a statement and sticking to their roots. That is something I absolutely love and admire even more about them! Enjoy a few of my favorite shots.

DSC_8489 Vibrant Pakistan, Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014Collage Vibrant Pakistan, Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014DSC_8709 DANCERS VIBRANT PAKISTAN, AMSTERDAM FASHION WEEKDSC_8859 Vibrant Pakistan, Amsterdam Fashion week 2014

I was wearing:

Dress: Jacky Luxury, Bag: Supertrash here, Heels: Zara, Panama Hat: Ibiza Market.


Now that Fashion Week posts are over and done with, and there is still a little bit of summer ahead of us, I will share some more fun summer looks in the next few posts coming up for you all. Summer is something I can’t let go of just yet, and just the thought of a rainy fall is not making me happy at all. I am still carefully planning trips to Paris and Los Angeles soon, so just the thought of getting away again makes me all the happier about the future. For me personally and of course this blog. Traveling is so fun and exciting to me and sticking to one place is something I just can’t do for too long, simply because I get extremely bored and makes me feel like I am not alive. Does that sound weird to you? I hope you guys can relate Lol.

To get back to the subject of fall returning, I have been checking some great fall trends and look books on the Internet already, and I promise to share with you guys soon. I have to say: the new Fall collections are very fun and stylish this year. So that is something to make up for the cooler days I guess.  Has anyone of you spotted some great new Fall trends? Curious to hear your thoughts on this everyone!  In the meantime, I wish you all a great day and thanks so much for visiting.


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