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August 4, 2014
DSC_0491 Denim overalls, Michael Kors Bag, Supertrash earrings (4)


Summer has been beautiful and warm over here and what can I do then wear shorts, shorts and more shorts and feel comfortable at the same time, right? For today’s post, I chose to wear my new denim overalls paired with these oh so comfy slip-on-sneakers.  The overalls are not the usual baggy ones but very sexy slim fit. I absolutely  love them because sometimes a girl wants to dress cute with a little bit of sass. Can you all agree with me here?  

DSC_0709 Denim overalls, Michael Kors Selma bag, gold slip on sneakers, supertrash earringsDSC_1035 Michael Kors selma bagDSC_0779 denim overalls, michael kors, supertrash earrings2DSC_1081 Crochet white cropped top on Denim overallsDSC_0728 Denim Overalls, Elise store, Gold Slip on Sneakers, Michael Kors bagDSC_1054 Supertrash EarringsDSC_1140 Denim Overalls, Elise Store, Supertrash Eerrings, Michael Kors bag (2)DSC_0484 Denim overalls, Michael Kors Selma bag, Supertrash EarringsDSC_0854 Gold Slip On Sneakers, Sergio Todzi final pg


I was wearing:

Overalls: Realty Jeans at Elise Store here  Slip on Sneakers Sergio Todzi at Elise Store here:, Top: Bershka similar here, Bag Michael Kors here, Earrings: SuperTrash


Today I kept the outfit pretty simple, but wanted to make it look interesting by playing with details like the crochet fabric of the top, colorful statement earrings and striped sunnies. I’m seriously getting into a different type of flats lately, and these slips on sneakers are one of my favorite go to footwear. Make sure you check them out at Elise Store where you can find them in metallic silver also, and lots more trendy women’s wear. A great bonus is the fact that all of their items are of such great quality and won’t burn a hole in your pocket when it comes down to their price. Are you enjoying the summer as much as I am and what are your favorite type of flats at the moment? Thanks for reading everyone and I will talk to you again soon.


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