Distressed Boyfriend

September 13, 2014
DSC_4814 Boyfriend Jeans, Soho Disco Gucci bag, Mise En Dior Eearrings(2)

Although I am a fierce lover of dressing up very feminine, I can’t resist wearing something cool and casual now and then. I had been a huge fan of the boyfriend jeans from when they became a trend about two years ago. They are comfy yet so modern and give every woman an effortless “model off duty” look. I am always on the look out of paring my new favorite Gucci cross over bag with any outfit possible. I thought it matched perfectly with this flowy leaf top with sporty arm details I scored at the Zara sale a few weeks ago. For me, it is key to dress up distressed jeans with classy accessories and of course a good pair of statement heels. What do you think?

DSC_5072 Boyfriend Jeans, Gucci Soho bag, Mise En Dior EarringsDSC_5723 Soho Disco Gucci bagDSC_5016 Boyfriend jeans, Gucci Soho bag, Mise En Dior EarringsDSC_5583 Mise En Dior Earrings, Gucci Soho disco bagDSC_5859 Boyfriend jeansDSC_5811 Boyfriend Jeans, Gucci Soho bag, Mise En Dior earringsDSC_5821 Gucci Brown Soho Disco BagDSC_5869 Amsterdam FloralsDSC_5619 Zara Pink and Orange color block heelsDSC_5224 Gucci Soho bag, Mise En Dior EarringsDSC_5673 Gucci Soho Brown Disco bagDSC_5314 Boyfriend jeans, Gucci Disco Soho bag, Mise En Dior EarringsDSC_5748 Zara Pink and Blue Colorblock sandal heels

I was wearing:

Boyfriend jeans, Shirt and Heels: Zara, Bag: Gucci here Mise En Dior Earrings: Dior here or similar here Jewelry: LadyLand Amsterdam, Ring: River Island here

My style has been changing so much lately, I have been going for the: “less is more look” and I think it enhances your face, hair and makeup making them stand out more when you dress this way. Of course, I will always love colors, and I will keep on wearing those and determined to bring you color combinations you might find inspiring to wear yourself. When we get older, we just look for more quality in an outfit. To me it is really fun to see these changes in me. That is the beauty of fashion; Everything is possible, and there are no rules. Just wear what makes you feel good, and you are good to go to conquer this world.

I have been obsessed with fashion since I was a young girl, carefully picking my outfit for the next day at school. Choosing the right colors and textures, and it made me feel good and of course it still does.With all the things, I have done in life working as a dancer and singer for years I never would have imagined being able to be creative as a style blogger and to do photography for others too. It is such a fulfilling passion that I can see myself doing for a long time and years to come.

Blogging about fashion has been such a fun and creative outlet for me and to be able to share my visions with you has been amazing. Your feedback touches my heart, and I am so thank full for all you readers who have stuck by me following along with all my fashion adventures. So let me say it again; thank you so much for being here.

 Fall is about to start soon, and I have so many outfit ideas and new trends to share with you guys. With that, a few fun projects are coming up too. Thankfully for the next week the weather is going to be amazing and warm in Amsterdam making me dream summer will never end.

Thanks for reading!

With love Tamara Chloé


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