G-Star’s – Raw For The Oceans –

October 21, 2014

How do you like this ultra cool denim jacket I am wearing? Well, here is a surprise for you.  This piece was created from a bionic yarn, which is derived from ocean plastic.  Plastic waste are ruining our beautiful oceans and who would have thought denim could be created from that same plastic? Denim brand: G-star Raw came up with the help of the fabulous Pharrell Williams to create a denim line made purely out of ocean plastic with a purpose to save our beautiful oceans.

When I spotted their collection online, I was surprised to find out that apart of a great purpose, it is absolutely fantastic to wear too!I am a fierce lover of the oceans, and it breaks my heart that we are totally polluting it, so why not create something that can help this issue?  Did you know the oceans contain six times more plastic than sea life? These are shocking numbers and to think that ocean creatures eat away from that plastic with disastrous results, it ‘s just fantastic to find out that G-Star’s Raw For The Oceans is taken action in such a creative and innovative way.

 When I watched Pharrell Williams being interviewed on a national televised Dutch talk show talking about this project, all I could think of was that I wanted to help spread the word for this amazing cause. Turning something negative into fashion. How great is that?  When I thought of shooting this piece, I could only come up with one location, and that is exactly where it came it from.  I took it straight back to the ocean. To make a statement,  I jumped into the icy cold water with winds at wind force seven and temps that were not so beach friendly.  Families complete with children and dogs on their Sunday stroll gathered around us probably thinking we were completely nuts made this was quite the memorable shoot. The result was ending up getting soaking wet and frozen to the bone, but hey anything for a great fashionable cause right?

DSC_1768 G-Star Raw For The Oceans, Tamara Chloe4DSC_2358 G-Star Raw, Tamara Chloé(2)DSC_2434 G-Star Raw For The Oceans, Tamara Chloé(3)DSC_1936 G-Star Raw For The Oceans(2)DSC_2132 G-Star Raw For The Oceans Tamara Chloé FINALDSC_2283 G-Star Raw For the Oceans, Bionic yarn, Tamara ChloéDSC_2389 G-Star Raw For The Oceans, Tamara Chloé(3)DSC_2422 G-Star Raw For The Oceans(2), Tamara Chloé

I was wearing:

Denim Jacket: G-Star Raw For The Oceans here

Dress: Unzipped

Belly Chain: Myca Couture

If you would like to find out more about RAW For The Oceans visit the G-star Raw website for the full collection and cool videos and photos of others supporting the cause right here! How do you feel about our plastic polluted oceans and the idea of bringing this problem to a new level by creating a denim collection that can help? Let’s remember this,  if the oceans die; we die!

Thanks so much for reading everyone.

Photos and video featuring Pharrell Williams are taken from the G-Star Raw website

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