10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Me

February 13, 2015
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This year it is all about becoming more personal with you guys on this blog. Although I have been sharing my outfits for three years now, I have always kept my private life a little bit to myself.  I thought it would me more interesting if you all got to know me a little bit better. So why not start with a few fun facts I am sure you all didn’t know about me yet!


 1: Neat Freak: 

I know this drives most people in my life crazy including my boyfriend.  I can not focus on anything when my home is not organized, spotlessly clean and in a zen state.Think candles and burning incense.  I can even feel a serious case of anxiety coming up when I enter a cluttered room and feel completely freaked out.  I am trying to get better and not be so obsessive by for instance vacuuming my home not twice but “only” once a day. I know, know I need help.

2. The Bold And The Beautiful:

I don’t watch TV all too much and though Sex And The City has been my all time favorite show, I am just as crazy about watching the Bold And The Beautiful. The funny thing is that I have despised this show for many, many years, but about a year ago I accidently watched a few episodes and I have been hooked ever since. Most of my friends laugh at me, but I don’t care!.  When I happen to be out, I will rush home to get my: Brooke, Hope, Liam and Steffy fix.

3. Potato Chips Dipped In Champagne:

I have a funny habit dipping potato chips in bubbly alcoholic beverages. It is best with champagne. Funny thing Marilyn Monroe used to do this as well. Trust me once you start you won’t be able to stop. It is that good!


 4. French music:

I absolutely love listening to French music. Singers Shy’m, Vitaa and Zaho are my favorites. It could be me or just the beautiful  French language, but I found French music more melodic and filled with emotion then most other popular music.

5. Fears:

I consider myself a pretty fearless girl, but I am absolutely terrified of flying and the dentist. The dentist is the worst. The last time I had to fill up some cavities I went to a clinic where they put me down to sleep. Thankfully I have been free of any cavities for years now. The positive thing is that my fear forces me take very good care of my teeth.

6. London accent:

Before I moved to Los Angeles. I had lived in London for two years from the age of nineteen until I was twenty-one. It is the reason I can put on a cockney accent like a real Londoner that could even fool any English person; Nobody was able to tell I was actually not English at all. On the other hand. I do have a little bit of English blood running through my veins. My great great grandfather was English so it is in my DNA. I like to tell myself that is why.

7. Selfies:

When you look at my Instagram account you will rarely find any selfies. I can’t stand selfies. Sorry, selfie lovers. Most of you guys look great in selfies so don’t get me wrong and keep posting them. I do appreciate a good selfie. Just not my own.


8. Favorite Movie:

It just has to be: The West Side Story. I have watched it over a 100 times and seriously cried every time near the end. It is such a captivating and tragic story, and the music and dance are just magical. One of the actors in the movie is a dear friend of mine. Making him pretty fabulous.


9. Shy:

You will never be able to notice now because I am such an outgoing person, but I used to be painfully shy as a kid. Thankfully my parents stimulated me to open up and not be afraid to be me. Otherwise, I would have never gotten over it. 


10. Bookstores:

I love walking into a bookstore and go through it for hours. I was not allowed to watch too much TV when I was little, but I did get a lot of books from my parents, so this childhood love is still present to this day. Reading a lot of books tickled a dreamy and imaginary side of me. I think this is the reason I have always been very creative. I love the art of expressing. This blog is one of those creative outlets and at this point I have no clue how I would feel without it and wouldn’t be able to share so much with you all.

I wish you an amazing weekend and thanks again for reading!

Much love Tamara Chloé


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