The Five Week Flu

February 5, 2015
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I have not posted in over a week and the only reason I haven’t, is the fact that I have been dealing with a flu that just won’t go away. The drama started at Christmas after I shot my holiday outfit for the blog. It went away around New Years Eve, but came back full force a few days later. Up until my birthday January 19, I was sick as a puppy. When I finally went out to celebrate and shoot, I got sick again up until now! All in all I have been dealing with this flu monster for 5 weeks. I am getting restless, hopeless and I am ready to rip my hair out. Every time I think I am okay and sneak out for a quick trip to the grocery store the flu comes back again.


I have heard on the news there has been an epidemic of the American flu. American? Yeah, American!  A new virus from the United states that spread to Europe that even the latest flu shot couldn’t stop. I am dealing with all its symptoms including fever, headaches, a dry cough, muscle aches and being extremely tired. It is a very fierce virus and known to take forever to get better. Not to sound too down on you guys, but I have never been this sick from a flu in my whole life.


Now with this flu taking so long, I was wondering if I had a hand in it for this thing to go not away. Am I doing anything wrong and sabotaging my own recovery? I get so restless and after these long weeks breaking out in cold sweats almost every few hours, I noticed what is definitely not a good idea to do when you are down with the chills.

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Here are five tips on what NOT to do when you have the flu:



1. Don’t try to look too cute when you do have to go out. Even if it is just for a few minutes. For example: Do not wear a mini skirt with sheer tights thinking you will be okay! It is freezing outside with temps below zero so, NO you will not be okay! Looking like snowman covered in thick boots and fur hats with greasy hair, not trying to look too fashionable is totally okay at a moment like this.


2. Don’t get drunk and dance all night on your birthday. Even when you think you feel a little better! I did that and I am still paying the price. A flu is not a common cold, and it can take weeks to get better and for your body to function at it’s peeking again. Take the time to fullly recover.


3. Don’t try to attempt an early Spring cleaning in your home. The only thing you should be doing is lie in bed and watch Netflix. I get very restless when I am sick because I am a control freak and want to stay productive no matter the circumstances. No no, no!  Stick to your bed because it will only delay your recovery.


4. Don’t eat too much sugar and junk food. I fell into this trap and felt the difference immediately, feeling even more tired from the so-called sugar crash after consuming it. Sugar raises your blood sugar levels very quickly making you feel energetic at first but making you feel even more tired when your blood sugar levels drop after a few hours.  I usually hardly eat any sugar. But when sick I love to reach for anything sweet. So instead of binging on cupcakes and jellybeans, opt for green smoothies and lots of tea with fresh ginger, lemon and honey or grab raw chocolate sweetened with stevia or dates. I just started on my green smoothies two days ago. So I am counting on a fast recovery from now LOL

5. Don’t talk too much on the phone.  Yes, it is very tempting to chat and giggle on the phone all day because you finally have the time to catch up with friends and family you haven’t spoken to in ages, but no! I noticed every time I put down the phone I felt even more exhausted, and my fever would come back with a vengeance! Like I said before it is better to stick to watching TV and reading a great book.


So, what are your tips for battling the flu? 

Any tips from you are welcome right now! I am looking forward sharing new outfit posts I have already lined up for you guys soon again. Hopefully, I will be back on my feet in no time so I am off to bed again! I hope you don’t mind. Enjoy your dayand thanks again for reading!


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