Health – 10 Tips For Prepping That Summer Body

March 30, 2015
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As of lately and especially during my trip to Paris, I have been indulging in way too many yummy but oh so unhealthy foods. Sweets, chocolates, cakes and junk foods. It has packed a few unwanted pounds I want to get rid of ASAP. Needless to say I have been completely off track when it comes to my eating and workout habits. I normally eat very healthy and only organic, so this lifestyle was out of the ordinary for me.  Last week was the moment! I officially started working out and eating very healthy again. I will talk about what kind of healthy foods I am eating in a new post soon, so more about this subject later.


Okay, I have to say it is pretty hard the first few days and I am thinking of comfort foods almost non stop. The only thing that keeps me going is that I want to feel happy and comfortable in my own skin and looking after my weight and health is a huge part of this. Sticking to it is the most important.  Basically because I am all about finishing whatever I start. Let’s talk about how I stay focused and already prepping my summer body.

1:  Stop looking and talking about tempting foods.


I completely avoid doing both because I want to enter a completely different mind state by doing this. Meaning my focus is on everything else than foods. I do allow myself to think about healthy foods of course, But I try to completely avoid staring in bakery windows and thinking to myself I can’t have it. Instead I focus what can have and what I can eat.


2: Have healthy foods and snacks at arms reach.

This is one of the most important things to do when you are trying to lose a few pounds. I make sure my kitchen is stocked with raw fruits and veggies, nuts, dates pickles and hummus and Greek yogurt. When these healthy snacks are not in your kitchen you will automatically grab something unhealthy and that is the last thing we want to do.


3: Have your work out gear ready and washed when waking up.

When your workout gear is set up, folded and ready to use on a table when you wake up. It will be so much easier to start hitting that gym. Instead of searching through your laundry basket and putting off that work out of for another day, you will be focused and more inspired to get it done! 


4: Check out hot models in swimsuits on a daily basis.

Need I say more? Inspiration, inspiration!  It will make you want to stick to that diet. When you remind yourself what your goal is, the best way to do so is to keep eying hotties in great shapes with fabulous abbs.


5: Pick out a work out you truly enjoy.

Nothing is as dragging as doing a work out you absolutely hate, but you keep doing because you think you have to! I do Zumba as my cardio work out and I love it so much because I love dancing. It makes time go by so much faster and most important you will stick to it much easier.

6: Start a food diary

Writing down what your eating every day will make you have a clear view of your actual intake. Write down each snack, cup of coffee etc to record your number of calories. I am not one for calorie counting but it does help to keep track of your eating habits, and it will help if you need to make minor changes in your diet if needed.


7: Celebrate your small victories

This is extremely important, because those are the little things that will keep you going and stick to your diet and work out plan. Head out for some new outfit shopping, indulge in a spa, buy that great book you’ve been wanting to read or plan a small trip. Anything that will make you super happy for your amazing accomplishments.

8: Walk.

If you plan to hop on a bus, jump in a car or elevator, but you can actually walk it?  please do so! It will make quite a difference burning of those extra calories on a daily basis. Don’t just think of the gym for your daily dose of fat burning but everything in between too.

 9: Plan an extra work out when you indulged.

Nobody is perfect and we all make the mistake of eating a piece of pie or two at a birthday party. Don’t worry about it, but just make up by working out a little harder the next day. It will make you feel less bad and the feeling you have the situation under control by actually doing something about it!

 10: Have a sweet substitute for your cravings 


My substitute are dates, figs and maybe a bar of Nakd once in a while. It totally helps me to stay away from a bar of chocolate or that yummy ice cream. If you allow yourself a healthy sweet treat every day, it will make it all so much easier and actually something to look forward to during the day.


 How about you?  Are you getting back into shape for this summer and what are your tips for sticking to it? I am curious for your thoughts!


 With Love Tamara Chloé


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