Streets Of Paris With Adidas

March 8, 2015
DSC_3630 Paris, Place Vendome, Adidas, Rita Ora, Chanel boy bag, Alexander Wang, Tamara Chloé 2

Paris is in my opinion one of the most magical cities in the world. I mean every time I come back here I discover something new, something amazing and something even more fabulous. This place is just endless beauty, and I am so excited to take it all in again.

With Paris as the most perfect backdrop, I wanted to share some favorites by one of my favorite brands Adidas, which I have been so fortunate to collaborate with. The pieces I am wearing today are from the Rita Ora Unstoppable collection. What I love about this particular collection is the fact that it’s so colorful yet bold and playful. All the ingredients I need for a day out on the town without looking too overdressed, yet makes an eye catching statement.


DSC_2242 Place Vendome Paris, Tamara ChloéDSC_3862 Adidas, Rita ora hat, Chanel Boy Bag, Tamara ChloéDSC_4027 Tamara Chloé, Paris, Chanel Bioy Bag, Adidas, Rita OraDSC_3482 Tamara Chloé, Adidas, Rita Ora, Chanel Boy Bag, Alexander Wang boots 4DSC_5260 Chanel, Place Vendome, ParisDSC_3704 Tamara Chloé, Adidas, Rita Ora, Chanel Boy Bag, Paris2DSC_4620 Tamara Chloé, Paris, Adidas, Chanel Boy BagDSC_4743 Tamara Chloé. Chanel Boy Bag, Paris, AdidasDSC_4814 Place Vendome, ParisDSC_4986 Tamara Chloé, Adidas, Chanel Boy Bag, Alexander wang, Paris2DSC_5289 Place Vendome Paris, Tamara ChloéDSC_2826 Tamara Chloe, Adidas, Chanel Boy Bag, ParisDSC_2842 Tamara Chloé, Adidas, Chanel Boy Bag, ParisDSC_5040 Tamara Chloé, Chanel Boy Bag, Place Vendome, ParisDSC_5275 Dior, Place Vendome Paris,DSC_3882 Tamara Chloé, Adidas, Chanel Boy Bag, Alexander wang booties, Paris2Collage Place VendomeDSC_5273 Place Vendome, Paris

Photos shot by: EJC Maturbongs

I was wearing: Sweater here and Cap here: Rita Ora Unstoppable By Adidas // Jeans: Zara // Bag: Chanel Boy Flap here // Booties: Alexander Wang: (sold out)  Watch: Armani // Rings: River Island here and here



I am not even kidding but I needed a vacation so bad! After coming down with a fierce flu that lasted for almost two months, my body was drained, and I needed to get away from it all. Because of this flu I had totally missed Amsterdam Fashion Week.  I was considering attending Paris Fashion Week instead, but I decided I needed some time off to re-energize again. Fashion Week can be extremely hectic and exhausting, and I was not looking forward to the craziness of it. I never thought I would but for some reason I just needed quiet and calm “me-time”. Watching fashion month behind the comfort of my laptop seemed like the right idea at this time. Fashion Week will be back again in a few months, so hey nothing is really lost right?

It is weird being in Paris with Fashion Week going on just around the corner and not being a part of it. Funny enough for some reason it hasn’t been bothering me like I thought it would. The only thing I have been craving is strolling through the Paris streets and eating out at the most fabulous Parisian hotspots. Foods are just so ridiculously amazing here and being in great company definitely helps to recharge my battery.

We’ve been staying at the wonderful Hotel Tuileries, which is in the middle of everything. Located in the first arrondissement, this place is small but pure heaven and a hidden gem in busy Paris. It’s just around the corner from Place Vendome where we shot these photos and only five hundred yards away from the famous Tuileries Gardens. Rue Saint Honore known for it’s fabulous shopping is a one-minute walk away.  What more can a girl want than being in Paris and having everything she needs at the tip of her finger?

Thanks again for reading my friends.

With love Tamara Chloé


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  1. very nice outfit and fab pics

  2. Dank je lieve Malu! <3

  3. ahhhsoNeo says:

    cute outfit, Im not one for caps but that one is eye-catching. Can I have your boy bag?

  4. LOL Thanks Neo, I don't wear caps too often either but gotta love this one right? xx

  5. Perfect look…
    great outfit.. great photos…

  6. Awwwh thanks so much Sahin! x

  7. Trudy says:

    Love these gorgeous shots. Indeed Paris is quite magical!
    Love the Rita Ora collection dor Adidas! So vibrant!

  8. Such gorgeous pics and I love the styling!
    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  9. Yeah that's the word for it; vibrant lol, thanks so much Trudy! xx

  10. Such a lovely compliment Nilu, thanks so much! xx

  11. Lilli says:

    Morning lovely! You are so right, Paris is such a magic and gorgeous city, wish I was there so bad and right now! You look stunning, you are a true beauty and your smile is the greatest! You did good, fashion week could wait, sometimes is good to recharge the batteries. Lovely track too, wish I knew French!:P Hugs Tamara!:*

  12. Lilli thanks so much for your utterly sweet words! I am with you, I wish I could speak French too lol. Kisses xo

  13. Paris is my favorite city and your pictures are fantastic! I like your cap and this outfit is a pure perfection!


  14. Awwwh thanks so much dear! xx <3

  15. Have a lovely fashionweek Tamara love!
    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  16. Thanks Nilu, I didn't atttend fashion week though lol Kisses xx

  17. Beauty says:

    Hello to that hat! It's so cute; I like the blue bold color and the fun prints on it.

  18. That's what I loved about it too. Thanks Beauty! X

  19. Machachu says:

    Love your boy bag & your sweater! Paris is a beautiful city 🙂 x

  20. Claudia says:

    Wat een prachtige foto's! En die pet is zo tof!

  21. Thanks so much dear and yes it sure is huh? xx

  22. Dank je wel Claudia! <3

  23. Girly says:

    oh woooow!!!! ur outfit looks sooooo chic!!! paris pics are sooooo cool!!!))))) great post, my luv)))))) xoxo <3 <3 <3

  24. Thanks so much Girly!! <3<3<3 xx

  25. Paris sure is Monika!~ Thanks so much dear;) x

  26. Paris it is my dream:) Ypu look wonderful:) Love your shoes and blouse:)


  27. Monic dzej says:

    Great outfit! Great photos <3

  28. MERI WILD says:

    So cool! I love your outfit <3

  29. Thanks so much Monic! <3

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