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Outfit – Beach Whites

April 21, 2015
DSC_8244 Tamara Chloé, Ibiza Basket bag, Jacky Luxury dress

To me, nothing beats a good beach day! I am a total beach girl at heart and have always felt the most happy near the ocean. There is something so pure about the beach. It soothes my heart and distresses me the minute I arrive and smell the salty water.

 Wearing an all white outfit reflects my beach mood and this being the first time being back here again after a long winter, all I could think of was wearing this super cute laced Jacky Luxury dress. With the seventies trend being hot at the moment, this was the perfect white piece I could pull out of my closet. It’s very feminine and dainty and totally boho-chic.  It was still a bit chilly so I decided to wear this dress over a white jeans jegging and paired it with gold slip on sneakers and this beautiful straw basket bag I scored in Ibiza last summer. Are you as ready for summer as I am?

DSC_9011 Ibiza Basket Bag, Tamara ChloéDSC_9170 Beach View, Tamara ChloéDSC_8845 Tamara Chloé, Jacky Luxury Dress, Beachoutfit, All whiiteDSC_8211 Jacky luxury dress, Ibiza basket bag, Tamara Chloe2DSC_8510 White Jacky Luxury Dress, Tamara Chloé, Ibiza Basket bag, All white lookDSC_9028 Tamara Chloé, White Jacky Luxury Dress, Ibiza Basket BagDSC_8692 Tamara Chloé, Jacky Luxury Dress, All white outfit, Beach lookDSC_8248 Tamara Chloé, White Jacky Luxury Dress, All white outfitDSC_8892 Ibiza Basket Bag, Sergio Todzi gold slip on sneakers by Elise store, Tamara ChloéDSC_8542 Tamara Chloé, Jacky Luxury White dress, All white outfit

All photos shot by: E.J.C. Maturbongs

I was wearing:

Dress: Jacky Luxury (sold out) // Jeggings: Zara // Slip On sneakers: Sergio Todzi At Elise Store (Love this pair in red) here //  Basket Bag: Boutique in Ibiza // Sunnies: Mango

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