Outfit – Spring Blooms

April 16, 2015
DSC_7994 Tamara Chloé. Panama Hat, Gucci Soho Bag, Floral Zara Dress2

This winter I couldn’t wait to pull out my beloved Panama hat out of the closet. Winter season took way too long and I missed wearing this piece so much.  As you might remember the Panama hat had been one of my favorite items on the blog last summer.


Yesterday, was finally the day when I had the feeling it was all possible again!  With temps up at 23 degrees Celsius it was the first day where I could bare my legs and celebrate spring wearing my favorite head gear! Add a floral dress, denim jacket and comfy biker boots and I am ready to hit festival season with a look that screams boho-chic but is appropriate for almost any type of occasion.What do you think?

DSC_7811 Tamara Chloé, Gucci Soho Disco BagDSC_7787 Spring Floral AmsterdamDSC_7222 Tamara Chloé, Panama Hat, Zara Floral dress, Gucci Soho Disco bag FINALDSC_7663 Tamara Chloé, Gucci Soho Disco Bag, Panama Hat, Boho look, Zara Floral dress FINALCollage jewelry, Tamara Chloé2DSC_7884 Tamara Chloé, Panama Hat, Floral Zara dress, Gucci Soho Dress.FINAL jpgDSC_7418 Tamara Chloé, Zara Floral dress, Gucci Soho Disco bag, Panama hatDSC_8097 Gucci Soho Disco bagDSC_7971 Tamara Chloé, Zara Floral Dress, Panama Hat, Gucci Soho Disco Bag2DSC_8090 Spring FlowerDSC_7768 Gucci Soho Disco bag, Biker boots, Daniele Dentici, Tamara Chloé

I was wearing:

Dress and Denim Jacket: Zara // Bag: Gucci here // Rings: F21 here // Biker Boots: Daniele Dentici (sold out) love this one here or this one here // Hat: Open Market Amsterdam – love this one too here

Thanks for reading everyone!


0 responses to “Outfit – Spring Blooms”

  1. Girly says:

    omg, dear!!! ur lookin so so chic!!! adorable outfit!!! happy friday, my luv)))) xoxo <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Lilli says:

    Wow, I think you are truly gorgeous Tamara and ready to rock the festival season, you look super stunning with this dress, a pure beauty! Love both the bag and the panama, they make the outfit more glam and cooler!:) Have a wonderful weekend lovely! xo

  3. Beautiful festival look Tamara! Love the dress and hat 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend xo,

  4. Thank you Girly! Happy Friday! <3

  5. Always so kind Lilli! Thanks so much for the amazing feedback! xx enjoy your weekend xx

  6. Thanks so much Lily! Exactly the look I was going for x

  7. Rebecca says:

    Always looking so divine from top to toe!!!


  8. Tanya W. says:

    Such adorable look. I love your look:).


  9. Amazing look! The floral print suits you so well. And the bag is just georgeous!


  10. Thanks so much Klara! <3

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