Oh Deer

May 30, 2015
DSC_3020 Tamara Chloé, Mr Gugu & Miss Go, Zara gladiator sandals, Ijseloord 2 final2


Let’s start talking about today’s outfit. This particular dress by Mr Gugu & Miss Gogo catches attention mainly because of the huge deer head printed on the front and the back, making it an absolute statement piece. Usually I am not for big prints, especially not faces and heads, but when I picked out this piece I thought it was so fun and different, yet still classy! When I was thinking about where to shoot this today’s outfit, my BF slash photographer Emiel came to the rescue with the most perfect location. “Let’s shoot on the top of Ijseloord hill. There is a huge black deer statue”, he mentioned.  I wondered if the location and the dress wouldn’t be too “matchy matchy” but as always Emiel was right.This location is absolutely beautiful and just about what I was looking for to showcase this piece! What do you guys think? 

DSC_3713 Tamara Chloé, Mr Gugu Miss Go final2DSC_3372 Tamara Chloé, Mr Gugu & Miss Go Dress, Ijseloord 2 final xxDSC_3045 Tamara Chloé, Mr Gugu & Miss Go Dress, Zara Gladiator sandals, Ijseloord 2DSC_3582 Tamara Chloé, Mr Gugu & Muss Go Dress, Ijseloord 2 FINALDSC_3926 Tamara Chloé, Mr Gugu & Miss Go Dress, Zara Gladiator sandals, Ijseloord 2DSC_2010 ijseloord 2, The Netherlands2, Tamara Chloé, Ijseloord 2DSC_3420 Zara Gladiator sandals, Tamara ChloéDSC_3082 Tamara Chloé, Mr Gugu & Miss Go Dress, Ijseloord 2 NetherlandsDSC_2032 Tamara Chloé, Mr Gugu & Miss Go Dress, Zara gladiator sandals, Ijseloord 2 (2)

  Photos shot by E.J.C. Maturbongs

I was wearing:

Dress: Mr.Gugu & Miss Go here // Gladiator Sandals: Zara here // Eye wear: V&D // Jewelry: River Island 

I can see myself wearing this skater dress on many different occasions. It is totally city and beach appropriate and can be styled in many ways. For instance worn with a denim jacket and a pair of sneakers it will exude a cool “city look”. Pair it with a cute floral kimono and it will be perfect for that sunny beach outing. Wear it with heels and sparkly statement jewelry and you are good to go for dinner or for a night out clubbing you can pair it with over-the-knee boots. I can see myself wearing this piece over and over again.


For some more very cool styles check out Mr. Gugu & Miss Go website here if you are on the look out for fun and one of a kind pieces.

I am counting down to my vacay in exactly three weeks. For the first time in my life, I am visiting a fabulous spot and it will be…. drum roll: Bali, Indonesia.   My mom is originally from Indonesia, so you can probably imagine how excited I am to finally discover this place! Of course more about all this soon. Enjoy a fabulous weekend everyone and I will talk to you all soon again!

With love Tamara Chloé

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  1. Your sweet comment made my day Lilli! Thanks so much for your kind words! xx hugs dear.

  2. Beauty says:

    The dress is beautiful Tamara; it is so different because of that deer head imprinted on it. I do not think I have seen any graphics like that around. I like the color too.

  3. You are so Beautiful!!! Love all the Pic, like always 😉

  4. Lilli says:

    Hi Tamara! He picked the perfect location for shooting this dress, is so impressive and amazing! You look just as much gorgeous, the dress is way too cool and I like the gladiators you matched. A simply flawless and glam combo! Ah Bali, thats so thrilling!! Enjoy the weekend lovely! Hugs xo

  5. Princie says:

    Oh this is great. He had a brilliant idea with this location. Love the pictures!
    Have a beautiful sunday!

  6. The print is very diffferent right Beauty? Thanks for your feedback hun!~x

  7. Thanks so much Princie! x

  8. Thanks Jeannette, you are too kind! x

  9. Rebecca says:

    Everything is simply AWESOME!!!


  10. Ohhh I love the landscape of these pictures! Soo excited that you're going to visit Bali. I hope to see your pics on Instagram! x

  11. Girly says:

    wow!!! soooooo amazin shoot!!!))) dress looks perfect on u))) xoxo <3 <3 <3

  12. Sure will Trudy! Thanks so much hun! <3

  13. So sweet Girly! Thank you! xxx

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