Hello Bali – Bali Diary Part 1

July 13, 2015
DSC_7322 Sunset Bali, Kuta beach, Tamara Chloé

There’s a reason why I haven’t posted in over four weeks for the first time in three years on this blog. Peace and serenity, and some much needed rest is what I needed after blogging non stop ever since I launched this blog. I hope I haven’t dissapointed you all for going MIA for quite some time. But, I seriously needed this break. The good news is, I’m back and I am here to stay!


Hoping to inspire you all with the newest fashion trends and outfit choices is what matters the most to me when it comes down to this blog. Being creative in photography is also a huge part.  I love it so much, I seriously can’t live without it. As much as I just love posting here and creating fresh content for you guys, sometimes a person needs some serious recharging. Well recharging I did here in beautiful Bali. Will you just look at ths beautiful Balinese sunset?


Traveling to Indonesia, the country where my mom was born, exploring new things did wonders for me. I can’t wait to share this adventure with you, so stay tuned for tons of posts coming up in the next few days with lots of new outfit inspiration for you. As I am typing this, I am still looking through the thousands and thousands of photos we took on this amazing trip and I promise you they will all be up here very, very soon! Here is just a little sneak peak for you all.

DSC_6240 Legian Beach hotel, Bali, Tamara Chloé, IndonesiaDSC_7552 Kuta Beach Bali, Indonesia, Tamara ChloéDSC_7499 Sunset Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia, Tamara Chloé 2DSC_7560 Sunset Kuta Beach Bali, Indonesia, Tamara Chloé

 Photo’s shot by EJC Maturbongs

Enjoy an amazing start of the new week everyone!

With love, Tamara Chloé

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