Kuta, Bali

Beach Life – Bali Diary Part 8

August 29, 2015


With hot temps all year round, Bali is definitely the place where you can hit the beaches everyday. We didn’t get the change to visit the more remote beaches, but we were staying right at Legian beach. This spot is more crowded, but I loved it. The ocean has incredible waves which is perfect for surfing and the local Balinese were selling the most amazing stuff. Ranging from sterling silver and fresh water pearl jewelry to all kinds of artwork and yummy foods like Kelapa Muda juice en fresh peanuts.  


We didn’t take as many photos at the beach as we had wanted to. Everytime we were there we just wanted to relax and not stroll around with heavy and expensive camera gear. Still a few snaps to give you an idea though. Halter top bikini’s have been really trending this summer and to be honest I grabbed this piece on sale a few years ago. Happy to be able to rock it again. Indonesian sarongs are the perfect cover up at the beach. I bought this beautiful batik version near the Gitgit waterfalls. They are really pretty to use as a beach towel too, or when you go for a picknick and use it as a plaid.Read on to find out about the ten beaches you just have to visit when in Bali!


Photos shot by: EJC Maturbongs

I was wearing: Bikini: H&M // Indonesian Sarong and Bottle Bag: Balinese Market // Arm Cuff: Myca Couture //  Flash Tattoo: Hema


Bali is so diverse when it comes to nature and their beaches, so I have made a list of the beaches you just have to visit when here:


1: Kuta Beach: The most famous and touristy beach of Bali which is ten minutes away from the airport
2: Legian Beach: 5 minutes north of Kuta and also crowded with lots of locals selling their goods
3: Sanur Beach: Beautiful and peacful beach which is located 30 minutes east of Kuta
4: Seminyak Beach: Ten minutes north of Kuta and very upscale
5: Dusa Nua: 30 minutes southeast of Kuta

6: Jimbaran: You can find the most famous fish restaurants right at the water here
7: Balangan: 30 minutes south of Kuta beach
8: Green Bowl Beach: One of the most remote beaches on Bali. You can totally find your rest here. The down side is you have to walk 500 steps down the stairs to get their, but it is totally worth it.
9: Lovina: 3 hours north of Kuta
10: Dream land Beach: 30 minutes south of Kuta


If you ever plan to visit Bali and some of these amazing beaches, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or comment as I am curious to find out how you’ve liked it.

Enjoy a spectacular weekend everyone, I will be back soon!

  Much love Tamara Chloé

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  1. Lilli says:

    Hello Tamara, this beach is totally a dream, though is a bit crowded is still a paradise. You look amazing and super stunning, for sure you were the queen of it! Love the sarong and the tattoo, you have such a gorgeous body! Many hugs beauty! xo

  2. Girly says:

    wow, dear!!! photos are really amazin n i can't stop to repeat it))))) ur beach outfit is fantastic!!!))))) like all ur flash tatoos))))) xoxo, my luv <3

  3. Thanks Lilli! Not sure I was the queen though LOL. You are too kind hun <3

  4. I've been quite obsessed with my flash tats Girly LOL ! Thanks so much love <3 xx

  5. neuman says:

    Love these pics, amazing place… and you look stunning as always:)

    Liat Neuman

  6. Your words mean the world to me Nilu! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! <3. I wish we could meet up one day in such an amazing place like this! xx

  7. Thanks so much Liat! <3

  8. Hana Babajic says:

    What a lovely beach look! You look amazing and the setting for these photos is stunning. Great photos.


  9. Toyas Tales says:

    I love your sarong and flash tattoos. Since I'm an accessories I was immediately drawn to your gorgeous bracelet. Totally lust-worthy! Bali has always been someplace that I have wanted to visit. Hopefully I will one day soon. I hope you enjoyed your time there.

  10. You should visit whenever you get the chance Toyas! It is amazing and thank you!

  11. My beautiful Tamara! Your posts always leaves me speechless. Gorgeous lady, amazing photography and stunning landscapes. Your blog is a powerhouse and I enjoy visiting your space all the time. Have fun in Bali my dearest, though I must admit I'm really jealous as I wish I could also be there with you to enjoy some peace and tranquility in this lovely paradise you are at.
    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  12. Serdar Esti says:

    Accessories, you and photos are fabulous. xo
    http:// takimodam.blogspot.com

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