Outfit – Knits and Crochet

October 19, 2015


One thing I regret about the fall is the fact I don’t get to wear my summer dresses for a while. Of course there are solutions for everything right?  Throw a knitted sweater over your favorite summer dress and pair them with a pair of OTK boots and you are good to go for the fall season. When it is not too cold yet, this look is totally fine with bare legs. If you prefer it, you can wear some sheer nylons as well. I love mixing different textures to make an outfit appear more interesting.


As you can see here I mixed suede, knits and crochet and kept everything in muted colors to make it all come together. I love how Emiel came up with adding the fringe scarf. Still to this day he surprises me with his fresh ideas and clear eye for detail.This blog wouldn’t be what it is right now without him. 


When it comes to styling your outfit, don’t be afraid to think a little out of the box. Try new things and have fun with your outfit by adding prints and textures you never thought possible. You might surprise yourself right?

Photos shot by: EJC Maturbongs

I was wearing:

Knitted sweater: Noor Amsterdam here //  Chrochet dress: Glamourous // Over The Knee Boots: Unisa here I love this similar pair here too // Wrist Watch: Prisma here // Arrow bracelet: Myca Couture // Bag: Vintage



0 responses to “Outfit – Knits and Crochet”

  1. Girly says:

    omg!!! swetty, this is soooo soooo sooo chic outfit!!!!! like every piece of look!!!! ur lookin wonderfuuuul!!!)))) have a lovely day, my luv!!))))))))) xoxo <3 <3 <3

  2. Leta G. says:

    Very cute autumn look!

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  3. Lilli says:

    Hi Tamara! Your boy is so sweet, you both are such an amazing couple! I regret the same thing about fall but ur idea is brilliant and definitely to copy. You look so fab, wonderful and always very inspiring! Many hugs lovely! xo

  4. Thanks so much Girly! <3 xxx

  5. Lilli, thank you so much for your kind words! Many hugs back to you <3

  6. Natassia says:

    Wat een geweldig idee! Dat ga ik ook maar es proberen (moet het niet regenen :P). Het staat jou super! 🙂

    En die laarzen zijn totally amazing! 😀

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  7. Moet je zeker doen Natassia! Bedankt meis xx

  8. Gitta Witzel says:

    Great boots 🙂 I also love the layering. Nice outfit.

    x Gitta

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