5 Tips To Stay Slim This Holiday Season

December 11, 2015
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You know the feeling right? You have worked hard to lose a few pounds just before the holidays to look fabulous. Boom there you are during a family dinner and all goes out the window by over stuffing your self with way to many fattening and sugary foods. Don’t think you can’t indulge at the Christmas dinner table. You just have to know how to do it, so maintaining your current weight will be a breeze!


1: Find time to Exercise: 

This tip is on top of my list, because when you have exercised in the morning before heading out to a Christmas dinner you”ll feel so good about yourself, you will want to eat less. The fact that you have taken care of yourself early in the day makes you want to stick to your eating goals even more too.  I don’t think Christmas should be a time to just hang out on a couch and pig out. For instance; head outside with your favorite cousin after dinner and catch up over a great conversation during a walk in the snow. On top of that morning work out you did earlier, it will even burn a few more extra calories, making you feel less bad about that piece of apple pie topped with whipped cream you just devoured for dessert.

2:  Indulge in the hearty foods and cut the sugar: 

It is okay to snack on all sort of yumminess, just try minimize your sugar intake. If I do want to snack, I will grab a handful of patato chips, nuts, olives and a couple of pieces of cheese. Just a few chocolates will help curb my sugar cravings. If there are pieces of fruit around, I will munch on that too. At the end of the day, I think it is fine to just eat anything as long as you eat every food in moderation and really enjoy it without feeling guilty. 

 3: Pamper yourself to reduce stress-related hunger attacks 

A lot of us find ourselves feeling stressed during the holidays, Stress makes us crave salty and sugary foods, so when we finally sit down at our Christmas dinner we pig out to feel relaxed. Try to avoid stress-related eating by pampering yourself during the holidays. Opt for a scented bath with fresh herbs like lavender, mint or scented oils.Yasmin is my favorite. If you don’t have a bath at your home, go to a spa a few days before Christmas or get yourself a relaxing massage in your neighbourhood. It really does wonders


 4: Load up half your plate with veggies and curb the carbs

 I always try to fill up my plate with as many veggies or salads as I can. When prepared well these are really delicious options without the guilt. I also try to stick to turkey, chicken, fish and meats and not over eat on carbohydrate rich foods like pasta and mashed potatoes. Curbing the carbs helps me being able to indulge in a yummy dessert which is usually full of carbs and sugar. Don’t forget to go for that walk after dinner!

 5: Drink Smart

  Yes, get smart with your drink intake! Make it a habit to drink a glass of water every hour. It reduces your hunger, keeps you hydrated  and even when you do drink a few glasses of wine, it will keep you feeling fresh and less sluggish. I love to add mint leaves, strawberries and lemons to my water. It looks so festive and it’s delish too. Water flushes out your system, keeping your skin looking beautiful all day too. Which is a bonus because let’s face it, we all want to look great during the holidays.

I hope these tips will help you feeling great during all the festivities. I absolutely love Christmas, so don’t forget to enjoy it to the fullest! What are your tips to keep your figure during the holidays?  

Thanks for reading!

 With love Tamara Chloé


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