Going Back To Bali

February 12, 2016


I just wanted to stop by and say a quick hello to you all, and share the news that me and the boy Emiel will be traveling to Indonesia again next month. Yay I am so incredibly excited! Six full weeks we will be gone, enough time to really get to explore this gorgeous place.  Bali is on the list and this time we will also be traveling to the very remote Kei Islands in south east Indonesia where both our grandparents were born. 

I am beyond excited, because visiting my ancestors birth island will be the first time for me. Emiel has already been there twice, so for me visiting the first time is extra special. I can’t wait to meet all the family who are still living there, all the amazing shopping I can do, and of course visit the most amazing beach and nightclubs and beautiful nature we can to explore. Of course I will be sharing all the travels with you guys here on the blog.

I am also thinking of doing a few vlogs, so stay tuned for that too! I am already planning and shopping all the cute outfits I want to pack. I am thinking lots of boho styles and seventies flare. Cute shorts, skirts and rompers. Easy breezy maxi dresses with colorful sandals and of course swimsuits in every color possible. Bali is the place to really go all out when it comes to colorful summer wear. With constant hot temps, no need to layer your clothing and get that much needed sun tan. Already on vacation mode, I wanted to share a few snaps of our Bali trip last summer just to get in the mood.

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All photos shot by: EJC Maturbongs




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