The Kei Islands, Indonesia

Pasir Panjang Beach

April 2, 2016

Finally I am back with a new post everyone! We arrived safely at The Kei Islands more then a week ago. The Kei Islands are a very remote group of islands located in the east of Indonesia. Both my grandparents were born here. Can you imagine my excitement visiting this beautiful place for the first time in my life and meeting family members for the first time? It has been an thrilling and emotional roller coaster so far. 

Being somewhere far on a remote island has it’s great advantages. First the peace and quite and slow pace of living does wonders for the soul. This place is the perfect spot to do a digital detox. Everything is so beautiful, it’s easy to forget about your phone and laptop. Second, the people are so friendly and kind, it warms your heart. I am taking it all in with great joy. although there are a lot of things I have to get used to here.

The reason I haven’t posted this long is because besides visiting out families almost every day for a week straight, Internet connection has been absolutely awful here. I am staying in a very small village called Namar and just recently they build a 3G tower here. This thing is as big as the Eiffel Tower. Okay okay maybe not that big LOL. I was extremely excited when I arrived here to be able to stay connected with you guys. The day after we arrived the tower decided to go on strike, so no Internet for me and the whole village. Bummer!

This situation forced me to really enjoy the island to the fullest and what has only been just a week, feels like a month out here. So many new experiences and emotions. Finally after my uncle made a few calls to the phone company, the tower was fixed. Hallelujah! Me and Emiel and our family got together to spend the day at Pasir Panjang Beach last sunday. This beach is close to the village Ngnilngof where both my grandparents were born. On Sundays, this usually deserted beach has lots of locals going for a sunday picnic, and a much needed dip in the ocean.

This island is so hot and humid that most of the clothes I brought with me are too sticky, warm and too tight! One lesson learned, when I come back next time. Only light, airy and loose fitting outfits are doable here. You step in to the shower and a few minutes later you are soaking wet again sweating your ass off LOL.

The locals are not very keen on getting too much sun on their skin. They absolutely detest getting a tan and turning too dark. It is quite something to see how everyone goes for a swim wearing t-shirts and a pair of pants. I have to keep reminding them that their color is beautiful. They don’t believe me though, nomatter how much I keep telling them.

This cute little tunic dress is just the perfect piece if you want to look cute and fashionable, while still remaining as cool as possible! I added a straw panama hat I purchased in Bali and wrapped a bandana scarf around it for a trendy touch.

I was wearing the cutest lace espadrilles, but I took them off and forgot to shoot them.I will post them soon enough though.

The weather has been a little cooler the last few days which has been an absolute breeze. We will be here for another few weeks and then we are off to Ambon Island and then back to Bali again. I will keep you guys posted. Just bare with me and let’s hope my new best friend the 3G tower in this village will stay on.


Thanks for reading everyone!

With love from Indonesia, Tamara Chloé


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