The Kei Islands, Indonesia

I Said Yes!

May 24, 2016

When the man in your life asks you to marry him, it is one of the most magical moments a girl can ask for. Then for him to put on the most beautiful diamond and pearl engagement ring, on the most romantic beach in the world, is even more magical. What else could I do than say YES!  He made it so special that it seemed like a pure dream. I love this man so deeply, words can not describe. Me and Emiel, the love of my life, a partner in crime and my best friend are officially engaged!


 Photos shot by my fiancé: EJC Maturbongs

When Emiel and I first started dating about a year and a half ago, we had already known each other for years. One day when we saw each other at a family event, we just clicked, It was when he visited Amsterdam and came to see me when we soon fell in love. From that day on, he never left, staying by my side almost every day and even taking on the photography of this blog while trying to keep up his own busy schedule. 

After almost a year of happy dating, we moved in together. Something I have always been weary of in my past relationships. This time, it felt like the natural thing to do. Before Emiel, I didn’t even believe in marriage anymore, thinking I was not made for it. Being with Emiel has completely changed my mind. First of all, I really believe he is my soulmate. When I am sick he feels it. When I am sad he can tell. We think the same things and sometimes at the exact same moment. It happens on a daily basis where we both blurt out the same thing at the same moment. It is bizarre.

We have a lot of things in common. Both our grandparents were born on the same island named: The Kei Islands in Indonesia. Both our grandfathers were  KNIL soldiers who immigrated to The Netherlands in 1951. I have a Scandinavian father and Emiel has a Dutch mother, so we are both mixed. My grandmother and grandfather were born in village Ngilgnof and his grandfather was born in village Namar. The villages are only a few miles away from each other.

Being with Emiel does not feel like a burden, He is not a person that will hurt me. I have been through that before and I never wanted a relationship like that again. Instead, Emiel fills my days with laughter, playfulness, understanding, ongoing support and unconditional love. He is more than my best friend, he is my angel. The one that rescued me from believing I would never find the one, but I did, and I could never be happier! As a matter of fact, the last year and a half have been the happiest and most content days of my life.  

Two months ago Emiel officially asked my parents for my hand in marriage while we were having them over for dinner. Here I was sitting in my sweatpants, no makeup and my hair in a bun and this fabulous man wants to spend the rest of his life with me. We had discussed marriage numerous times before, but when Emiel asked my parents for my hand, it came as a huge surprise. It was by far one of the happiest moments ever. There was no ring at this moment, but Emiel promised me he would choose a ring from The Kei islands and give it to me on a special moment while we were there and so he did! .Two months later we traveled to the Kei islands!

 Emiel hand picked a ring made from deep sea pearls taken straight from the ocean near our grandparent’s villages.  One black pearl and one white pearl of exquisite quality. The meaning of the black and white pearls means we will always stick together through the good and bad. Indonesia is known for their beautiful deep sea pearls. The reason Emiel wanted an engagement ring that was made on the Kei islands was the fact that it would be extra special and have a very personal touch. It is known that pearls are very delicate, so maybe not the most common choice for an engagement ring. I looooove the fact that this beautiful piece is so different from most engagement rings. I just have to be extra careful with it and don’t you agree with me on how timeless and classy this ring is?

Then the day came where Emiel gave me the ring on a beautiful spot called: Woma El Valken. This special place is located near the ocean in his village Namar. It is a holy place where they perform traditional ceremonies for both our villages. My love couldn’t have picked a better place for this incredibly special moment. The ocean looked peaceful and the sounds of the waves so calm and carefree, the laughter of children playing near us and the beauty of that moment took my breath away. 

When he put the ring on my finger, he accidently put it on the wrong ring finger. Oops wrong hand darling, I whispered to him and we both laughed and laughed and cried with pure joy and happiness! I will never forget this beautiful day How happy can a man make one woman? I love you my perfect Emiel, forever and ever and ever!