Kei Islands, Indonesia

Family Moments

June 3, 2016

Going back to my roots is one of the most important things I’ve done in my life.  My grandmother and grandfather from my mothers side were born on The Kei Kecil Islands in South East Indonesia. In 1951 my grandparents immigrated with 12.000 others to The Netherlands and built a new life there. All of my life growing up, I had heard stories about the beautiful tropical islands they left behind, leaving their homes, heart and their beloved family’s. How magical it was for me to be able to finally visit this place for the first time. Kei Kecil islands, one of the remotest islands in the world. The people are softhearted, kind and friendly. Their welcoming smiles warm your heart. They don’t need much. Just some good food on the table, a friendly chat when you pass by and their families to rely on. Life is simple here and yet the people have everything here.

Visiting this beautiful place has completely changed my view on what is important in life. Over here it’s not about showing off the latest Iphone or the latest fashionable look. It is all about what’s in your heart, strong family bonds and lasting friendships. 

After having spent almost four weeks out here, we are heading to Ambon city and then Bali for a few weeks, which I am totally looking forward to. With this I am leaving the Kei Islands with a few favorite family snaps for you to get an idea of what this beautiful place is all about. I am sure you understand I really don’t want to leave! Enjoy! 

Photos shot by EJC Maturbongs

Thanks for reading everyone!



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